Chapter 2

Place: Cammy's apartment on base
Time: 1.15 am
Atmosphere: Pitch dark

**Cammy iss sleeping when there is a rush of footsteps coming toward her door. Just as Cammy jumps out of bed her door flys off its hinges. She dives for her gun on the nightstand.

Gile: Relax, it's me.

Cammy (pauses) Gile?

Gile: Yes.

Cammy: What in the HELL are you doing here?!

Gile: You've been selected for an emergancy secret mission with the US Special Forces. We have to leave right away.

Cammy: OK.... so why didn't you just knock?

Gile: Sorry I gt carried away in all the exceitment.

Cammy: You ass!

Gile: It's not important now. We have have to be in New York in 2 hours.

Cammy: We?

Gile: It's my job to get you there, but after that you're on your own.

Cammy: Who's going to be my partner?

Gile:Lt. Sonya Blade and Major Jax Briggs. As for the rest, they will be selected when you arrive.

Cammy: Well I'm not picking you. I can say that much.

Gile:(trys to hold back tears) Why not?

Cammy: You're a sissy assed girly girl. Thats why.

Gile: Ohh. That's all? I thought it was cuz you didn't like me.

Cammy: (shakes her head in disgust)

Gile:Anyway, be inthe car in 10 minutes. (Turns to leave)

Cammy: What about my damn door!!

Gile: It'll be taken care of don't worry.

Cammy: I bet.

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