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Telepathy is the skill of mental manipulation. The abilities in it may be divided generally into two parts. The first are abilities that can simply be attempted on any player in the room with you. These abilities have a * next to them in the abilities list. Most of these abilities may be used without having balance. The second kind are abilities that require a mindlock to use.

A * indicates that the ability may be used without a mind lock if you are in the same room as your victim.

Skill Description
Sense Use your telepathic powers to seek out others.
Lock Focus your telepathic power to lock minds with someone.
Dissolve Remove a mind lock.
Glance Look through the eyes of your subject.
Telesense Detect attempts to mindlock you.
* Fear Fill your target's mind with an irrational fear.
Throw Mentally push a subject in any direction.
* Hallucinate Project an illusion into the mind of your subject.
* Paralyse Exert mental power to paralyse your subject.
Terror Strike utter terror into the mind of your subject.
* Confuse Disrupt and confuse your subject.
Suffuse Suffuse the mind of your subject with mental energy.
* Drain Draw mana from your subject's mind into your own.
Listen Listen to all that your subject hears.
* Divine Determine the health and mana levels of your subject.
Fullsense Seek out all minds within your reach.
Isolate Cut remote communication off from your subject.
Link Link minds with a fellow telepath.
PsyCombat Battling another telepath with the psychic arts.
* Disrupt Destroy your opponent's mental equilibrium.
Mindsense Seek out those with disabled telepathy.
Transfer Transfer a telepathic lock to a fellow telepath.
* Epilepsy Throw your victim's nervous system into disarray.
Pacify Soothe all violent thoughts from your subject's mind.
Empathy Establishing a physical link through your telepathy.
* Stupidity Induce idiocy in the mind of your opponent.
Command Force a subject to do your bidding.
Mindcloak Stealth telepathy.
Hypersense Hypersensitivity to telepathic activity.
* Amnesia Induce temporary forgetfulness into your subject.
Barrier Throw up a telepathic barrier around your subject.
Scan Scan the mind of your subject.
* Deadening Dull your opponent's mind.
Travel Cross great distances to your subject in a single step.
Mindnet Cast a mental net about your surroundings.
* Crush Attack your subject with a crushing psychic attack.
Daze Render your subject extremely vulnerable to hypnosis.
* Strip Strip the defences from your opponent.
Sapience Instantly know your subject's thoughts and actions.
Kainet Cast out a mental net that will absorb Kai energy.
Clamp Set a telepathic mind clamp about your subject.
Blackout Cause a short-lived, total blackout to your subject.
Scythe Scythe through the bond between a subject and a spirit.
* Batter Devestate your opponents mind with an overwhelming attack.
Radiance Destroy your subject with a single blast of mental energy.
Mindprints Take a mindprint of your subject.

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