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The following bibliography is recommended for further reference:

Holy Bible (King James Version)

The Pentateuch (Hebrew text English translation, edited by Dr JH Hertz)

Hebrew & English Dictionary (Dr Reuven Sivan & Dr Edward Levenston)

A Handbook To Biblical Hebrew (Kelly, Burden & Crawford)

The Way of Kabbalah (Zev ben Shimeon Halevi)

The Bible Code (Michael Drosnin)

The Truth Behind The Bible Code (Dr Jeffrey Satinover)

The Cipher Of Genesis (Carlo Suares)

The Cosmic Code (Zecharia Sitchin)

Jesus The Man/Jesus Of The Apocalypse (Barbara Thiering)

The Book That Jesus Wrote - John's Gospel  (Barbara Thiering)

Fingerprints Of The Gods (Graham Hancock)

Heaven's Mirror (Graham Hancock & Santha Faiia)

The Secret Teachings Of All Ages (Manly P Hall)

As Above, So Below (Alan Oken)

Seth Speaks (Jane Roberts)


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