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: : updated 10/20/06 : :
Talk about neglect! Ill be putting more stuff up soon, promise! Mostly my silly doodles and the like. I put up some new stuff in "My Art" so go check it out!
Until next update, later!
: : featured arists : :
-ROGER CRUZ: Comic Book Artist (10th Muse)
-MARK BROOKS: Comic Book Artist (Amazing Fantasy, Arana, The New X-Men)

-ED BENES: Comic Book Artist (Gen 13, Birds of Prey)

-SKOTTIE YOUNG: Comic Book Artist (Human Torch, Legend of the Spider Clan, The New Warriors)

-MICHAEL TURNER: Comic Book Artist(Superman/Batman, Aspen)

-ED MCGUINNESS: Comic Book Artist (Superman, Majestic)

: : my hobbies & other stuff : :
Under Construction
Something New to Come!

: : legal stuff : :
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