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The History of Three Walls
(By Baron Lord Daibhre mac Coileain O Cheabhaill of Gavelkynde mac Cheordie as appeared in the May/June 1998 Bolt)

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The History of Three Walls

The History of Three Walls you ask?
What is Three Walls?
Where is Three Walls?

Well, you se it started a long time ago, in a small section of a region in Pentemere found in the Middle Kingdom of the Known World, where two Barons fought over a section of land. These two Baronies where known as Andelcrag and Northwoods. Andelcrag was found on the west and Northwoods on the East. Two great fresh water seas surround this very large area.

The Barons of these two lands were both good Lords of their lands and their people. It was just a small problem for the two good Barons where that pesky line laid. It was hard to figure out, time and time again, just how this land would be divided. This seemed to change constantly depending on the great winds from off the seas, the great snow storms from the north, the hot days of summer and the great rains of the spring.

This went on for several years. Finally, one day, a good Lord of this area between the Baronies came up with a good idea. He was tired of seeing the good gentles of that area work so hard and keep getting caught in this problem. He spoke with these gentles about his idea and they agreed with him. This idea would help out both of the Baronies by protecting this area for them. This way, the Lords and Ladies and other good gentles of this area wouldn't be caught up in their loyalties for either of these two good and Kind Barons.

This good fine young intelligent gentle called upon each of the Barons. He asked their opinion of allowing this land between the two great Baronies keep the peace for them and hold a small war battle for a weekend in the Summer months. This would help prepare the good Knights and fighters for the Great Battle in the Pennsic Wars.

Each of the Barons thought long and hard. They got together one fine weathered day and discussed in great details if this would be to both of their interests. Thus, it was decided that once a year in the month of June, a battle would be held in the debatable land for both sides to fight and practice once together before going off to the Great Battle of Pennsic.

Since then, several good gentles and their families joined together to form a small canton. This group was known as the Valley of Three Walls. After several years, they just didn't have enough gentles to help them with their group. At this same time, in Andelcrag, there was another group also trying to form. Since neither of them was getting very far by themselves, they decided to join together in forming a canton known as Rimsholt.

Here we are now, several years later, and the Rimsholt and Northwoods areas populations have grown. Many of these good gentles and their families are once again living in the debatable lands, traveling to and fro for meetings and practices and other things, on either side. This came to their attentions and it seemed that it might be to their interests if the Valley of Three Walls were to form once again.

These last several years you have seen several events from the debatable lands. Border War started here and Winter Revel was another. Since Rimsholt has done so well with these two well attended and popular events, they will continue to do so.

The newly reformed has talked it over with Rimsholt and will take over a small event called What in Sam Hain? It seems like this event never really made it off the ground. We are hoping to remedy that problem, especially since last year the event was held for the third time and was well received by the populace. At least this way, the Valley of Three Walls will start out with one event to look forward to each year. It hasn't yet been decided as of yet for another event in the springtime.

There have already been a couple of populace meetings held they have gotten off to a rather good start. Though the attendance was small, at twelve gentles, many things are being planned on and brought to our attention to really help make this work. There has even been a dance practice held so several new gentles will be able to join in the dancing at some of the upcoming events. It has been said that lots of others will be joining in the fun in the months to come. The new officers are excited to bring in their new ideas and suggestions to help make this a very creative and fun-loving canton. Though most of our dreams and plans seem big and unreal to others, we can only try with all our might in seeing where we will go and what we will succeed in. We hope others that want us to grow and prosper will be there to help us whenever they can.

If you would like more information please call us.

Baron Lord Daibhre mac Coileain O Cheabhaill of Gavelkynde mac Cheordie, Lord Protector of the Barony of Andelcrag, Mesne Lord of Easton Down, Constable of Swine's Breath Hollow. In other words, Baron Daibhre for short.

Chronicler of Writing on the Walls
Lady Rhiannon Duncan

Blackheart the Smith

(soon to be) Exchequer
Lady Isabelle of Leith

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