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Book Reviews from the Canton Library
(By Caitlyn of Green Castle as appeared in the May/June 1998 Bolt)

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Normally I would start with a book review and chatter about how wonderful the library is and how close I came to finishing getting the books put into a database we could all use to look them up.
But my computer crashed, and you are all saying "Caitlyn just get out your back ups and reload it!" In a true Murphy's law sort of thing, guess what is not on my backups? The library. So I start again the task of retyping it all in.

On to the review!

The Penguin Dictionary of Saints by Donald Attwater 1983
With the Church being such a major focus of the Middle Ages, I can't see how anyone interested in persona development could let this go by. I used this book to give my persona some flavor by remembering my birthday falls on St. Modwenna's day, an Irish saint who is said to have received her veil from St. Patrick himself. It's short, concise, and makes a good reference on period saints. Thumbs up!

The Complete Anachronist #75 - Vestarios Clothing of the Eastern Roman Empire. By Lady Tauna Aelswith MKA Donna Bowers
Wow, what can I say this is a treasure of garb information from 400 - 1453. It has pictures of trim patterns and various designs found on tunics. The shopping guide is wonderful! The patterns are easy to read! Thumbs way up!

The Complete Anachronist # 91 - Children's Ballads by Dani of the Seven Wells MKA Dani Zweig
With the children's guild starting up I like this little book. The songs are simple enough for children (or the librarian) to follow. All you need is some one who can read music and play an instrument. Thumbs up!

The complete Anachronist # 65 - A Japanese Miscellany by Baron Edward of Effingham MKA Anthony J. Bryant
I have never considered a Japanese persona but this little book was enlightening. The page on the ninja thing is funny and educational. The goal of the ninja is to never let anyone know you are one. So to be a SCAdian period ninja you must develop a Japanese persona and never tell anyone your secret. The naming practice section and pronunciation is a must if you wish a Japanese name or if you ever have to herald a court. Thumbs way up!

That's it folks,
In service,
Caitlyn of Green Castle

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