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Book Reviews from the Canton Library
(By Caitlin of Greencastle as appeared in the March/April 1998 Bolt)

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Greetings to all of you in the glorious, yet cold, Canton of Rimsholt. It is book review time yet again and I have some exceptional ones for all of you. Before I get to the reviews, I will tell you that the library has moved! It's at my house. It is more convenient to have it here as I am cataloging the library so we will have a list of what we own. I received a computer for Christmas and I am busy putting some order to all of this.

Guido Gregorietti Jewelry Trough the Ages.1969
What an A&S treasure this is. The color photos are spectacular! The reference photos of nobility wearing theses works of art and skill is phenomenal. I give this a hearty thumbs up.

The Book of courtly Love by Andrea Hopkins 1994
This book is a slim 122 pages but is a wealth of information. It is great for persona development. Imagine being able to impress a woman of nobility with this gem. "I never had power over my self, nor was I mine from that moment I looked in to her eyes". (Bernard de Ventadiur, 1163) It is full of paintings and drawings from the time and has the 100 rules of courtly love. Thumbs up

Medieval People by Eileen Power 1924
There are few illustrations in this book but it is a good tool for persona development. The chapter on the Me`nagerier's wife is interesting as a sister writes to console another sister, "Dear sister, Know you a husband is to anger at times but bear with him. Men are of that nature pray for him." It seems we have had the same joys and sadness for hundreds of years. It is all stories of common and Nobel born and the lives they lead. Thumbs up.

The Black Pearls by Robert Kerr 1975
Well I knew we were in trouble when I saw the cover a man in full Elizabethan with a woman brandishing a dagger in full men's Elizabethan. So I read it. Yup, it is a bodice ripper. Thumbs down.

Well that's my book review for this issue of the Bolt I hope you'll are well and in good spirits!

Caitlyn of Green castle

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