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A Song for Jafar
(By Kassia Gilea as appeared in the January/February 1998 Bolt)

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The great Jafar came riding in
A stranger in our midst
To answer the call for warriors
To go on a perilous quest
There wouldn't be a treasure trove
No gold, or diamonds, or jewels
Only the chance to bring honor
To the throne and the kingdom too.
His foes they faced two flaming swords
And in their hearts they quailed
For Jafar wove a net of metal
Against them he prevailed
He ruled with great yet humble strength
A friend to one and all
He led our warriors wisely
And safely kept our halls
And when once again the call went out
For a firm yet gentle hand
He fought for the love of his Lady
In peace they'd rule the land
But as he looked down the way ahead
A war he saw to come
He began making plans for a victory
He knew it could be won
Then ill-timed came the one last foe
The battle never known
The greatest of warriors in history
Had come to take him home
Now off he goes for one last ride
He'll answer the call no more
And left in our hearts are memories
Of our friend, our Prince Jafar.

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