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Book Reviews from the Canton Library
(By Caitlin of Greencastle as appeared in the January/February 1998 Bolt)

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Greetings to all of you in Rimsholt,

Hello, I am Caitlin of Green Castle. I am also your canton librarian. This is a most difficult job due to the fact that we do not have a home for our books. The Lady Hana Lore an dem Fenn has been gracious enough to keep our collection of books at her home. Please call her to set up an appointment to pick up a book. I am doing book reviews to share the really wonderful sources of information we have.

    The Vikings, by Pamela Odijk 1989

This book is a fast read. It is 45 pages and full of photos. It has a cool time line to keep you abreast of what other cultures were up to as the Vikings pillaged there way across Europe. I loved the color photo of the every day implements of life and the artist's conception drawings of how the people used them. My only complaint is there is no source page or bibliography. I give this one thumbs up.

    Icons, by David Talbot Rice and Tamara Talbot Rice 1968

Wow, if you want to do an A and S on Icons, what a book! It is slim (62 pages) but it has six great color and a dozen black and white photos. There is commentary on the Icons origin and artistic similarity and the differences to other religious works. Thumbs up.

    Alfred the Great, by P.H.Helm 1963

Well, there are no pictures. I know pictures are not everything. I will admit it was enlightening to get a good read on the political intrigue of a man who took London back from the Danish forces. (Ha ! take that Ivar !)
Alfred was thinking man's king. At the last page (196), I quote him, "One thing will never die, the reputation we each leave behind at our death." So I say if you want a kick butt source on 871 899 AD, this is great book to give your persona a bit of fleshing out. Thumbs up. It has a bibliography.

    The Last of the Incas, by Edward Hams and George Ordish 1963

Okay, I will be up front, I have little interest in Incas. I plowed on (page by page to 274 ). Big ol' bibliography! Yes, this is a thumbs up resource, if you like a South American persona.

    Kings and Vikings, by P.H. Sawyer 1994

So, you want to be a Viking, look at the pictures in the first book I reviewed and read this one. It is from 700 AD to 1100 AD. From this book I learned the fine art of Scandinavian hoarding. Some people hid coins and plunder in the home, most hid theirs out side. Families were so secretive to the location of hoards that accidental discoveries are still being found in these current Middle Ages. (Get the hammers we are checking the floor boards at Ivar's). This book is two thumbs up with a twist! To get your Viking persona in order, read this book.

Well, this is my book review for this edition of the Bolt. I hope this was not too boring for you. Please call me at (616) 555-5555 or write any comments or suggestions in care of the Bolt.

In service to the Dream,


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