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Newcomer's Corner - Medieval Garb
(By Siobhann O'Riaghain as appeared in the November 1995 Bolt)

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Newcomer's Corner - Medieval Garb

So you have finally decided to go to your first event and you'd like to fit in. You still haven't decided on your persona yet but it doesn't matter yet.

One of the hardest things to do is decide what your going to wear for garb. You will probably want something very simple for your first outfit. A peasant, yeoman, simple people wore plain colors like greens and browns that are plain cut and rather coarse of weave. the brighter colors were more expensive and used trim with them, as well as decorations. try to stay away from prints.

Men can wear a tunic type shirt over brown pants with a belt at the waist. Modern collars are right out. Add decorative wrappings of colored ribbon around your lower legs; here is a place for color. Wear moccasins or slippers rather than modern boots or shoes, if at all possible.

Women should wear a long flowing dress that is plain colored except for decorative trim at the neck, sleeves and hem area. A shawl fastened or cloak in the front with a brooch makes a nice added touch.

Both men and women wore capes and cloaks. they are both very useful items to have for covering up things and also for warmth.

Patterns can be found in the following areas:

"Costuming to a T" by Angelina Nicolleete.
The Complete Anachronist #14

"Patterns for Theatrical Costumes" by Katherine Strand Holkeboer
It can be found in your local libraries.

If you simply cannot make a piece of clothing to save your life, you can usually persuade someone to do it for you or ask if your canton Chatelaine might have any loner garb to loan.

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