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The History of the Canton of Rimsholt
(By Alessandra l'Amour as appeared in the October 1995 Bolt)

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The History of the Canton of Rimsholt

The Canton of Rimsholt is a Canton to the Barony of Andelcrag, in Pentemere, in the Middle Kingdom. We serve, with joy, Their Most Gracious Majesties as they sit on the Dragon Throne. Ritter Baron Master Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg is our kind and generous Baron and sees that our lands are protected and prosper. Our current boundaries are Kent County, South and West to the County borders, East to include Ionia and North to include Big Rapids. Here is a calendar of major events for our Canton.

January 1, 1981 Rimsholt became an Incipient Canton with Lord Mathias the Hermit as the seneschal.
June 1983 The first Border War was held by our sister Canton, The Valley of Three Walls (Ionia area).
January 1985 The first Winter Revel was held by The Valley of Three Walls.
September 1986 First reported participation with Fallfest.
December 1986 Lady Amber de Chesery becomes seneschal.
Pennsic 1987 The Valley of Three Walls with the Canton of Rimsholt unite to form a stronger group.
January 1988 Rimsholt first sponsors Winter Revel.
June 1988 Border War V is sponsored for the first time by Rimsholt.
Fall 1988 Rimsholt's current heraldry and name are submitted.
January 1989 The Canton of Rimsholt is made a Full Status Canton by Their Majesties, Reynard and Brynhildr at Twelfth Night in Roaring Wastes.
May 1989 We first participate at Mayfest.
Fall 1989 Our heraldry and Canton name are passed by the Dragon Herald.
September 1990 Lady Iarlaith ni Fionnallain becomes seneschal.
March 1992 Lady Brighid the Ageless becomes seneschal.
November 1992 The first What in the Samhain is held.
Summer 1993 Dun Traigh becomes a Proto Incipient Canton.
December 1993 Rimsholt participates at the first Madrigal Feast with GRCC.
January 1994 Dun Traigh becomes an Incipient Canton at Winter Revel.
March 1994 First Baronial Fum Day.
April 1, 1994 Lady Alessandra l'Amour becomes seneschal.
April 1994 Rimsholt's first fencing practice.
July 1994 Rimsholt's first participates at the Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire.
August 1994 First demo at the Ionia Free Fair.

Because of your hard work, I think every member of our Canton should be able to see something that he or she had a hand in helping with. Some of you, these events would never have happened without. You are to be congratulated for your effort that made our Canton what it is today. Hoobah! These dates are from old domesday seneschal reports. because there is always room for human error, if you know more information about our Canton, or can correct some of the above facts please contact the seneschal by November 30, 1995 when this information will be forwarded to the Kingdom Historian. Thank you.


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