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Event Review: Vikings Come Home - Donnershoffen
(By Brighid the Ageless as appeared in the October 1995 Bolt)

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Vikings Come Home - Donnershoffen

It was Kathryne of Sommerfeldt's day as she won the first blood bear pit fencing tourney fighting 64 bouts. She edged out Garth Brandon (yet another of the Queen's Champions) by just one point. Her prize was a fencing cloak (which she hopefully will authorize with soon). To top it off, she received her Award of Arms at court that evening.
Hoobah for Lady Kathryne

Also of interest - It was Sir Coley Cuthbert's birthday and the cooks prepared a lovely cake. As a special present, the Queen made Sir Coley, a court Baron because "she couldn't wait any longer and it was his birthday!".


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