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Embroidery Definitions - Part 3
(By Adalacia the Serene as appeared in the September 1995 Bolt)

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Embroidery Definitions - Part 3:

Continued from August 1995.

Gala - A scotch fabric employed for servant's dresses. Gala is said to be only a local name.

Galway Cloth - A closely woven cloth of a coarse quality. Suitable for cloaks. Dyed scarlet, it was worn by Irish peasantry.

Genoa Lace - The manufacturer of lace in the city of Genoa and the surrounding country flourished during the seventeenth century and both pillow and needle laces produced there were held in high esteem.

Milan Point - Lace was made at Milan as early as 1493 in several varieties. The earliest kinds were the gold and silver thread laces, and the Reticellas; to these succeeded the Milan Points which were fine laces similar to the Spanish and Venetian Points. The lace made at the present time by the peasantry is known as Torchon.

Mistress of Arts and Sciences
Adalacia the Serene

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