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Brighid's Cookbook Review
(By Brighid the Ageless as appeared in the April 1995 Bolt)

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Brighid's Cookbook Review

To the King's Taste by Lorna Sass. Published by Stinehour Press. ISBN 0-87099-133-7.

This small collection contains original recipes as well as the author's interpretation of each. This is helpful since occasionally the author's version doesn't seem to follow the original very well.

I found this volume useful when I started trying to recreate recipes on my own. Because it is taken mainly from The Forme of Cury, samples of the original and various cook's translations were easy (more or less) to find. By comparing several versions, I was able to get several perspectives and look for the reasoning behind the differences.

My favorite recipe from this book is the Brie Tart. It can be summed up as a lightly sweet cheese quiche. The author includes two variations and the original recipe from The Forme of Cury. Although I must admit I had very little luck with quiche in the past, this recipe turned out with a good taste and texture on the first try. That's probably why it's my favorite recipe.

Unfortunately, this book is out of print, but the Grand Rapids Public Library has a copy at the main branch (last time I checked). Check it out!


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