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Baronial Fighting Tabard
(By Kassia Gildea as appeared in the March 1995 Bolt)

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Andelcrag Baronial Fighting Tabards
By Kassia Gildea

Material needed

Heavy tightly woven black material
     30 inches wide(approximately) and the length of the measurement from your shoulder to however long you want it (knee is preferable) plus 2 inches doubled.

Heavy, tightly woven white material
     1 Yard

Bright yellow material
     2/3 Yard

Heat n Bond Lite
     1 Yard (a fusible webbing used for appliquéing)

Small amounts of fabric in whatever colors necessary to make your canton and personal coat of arms.

Using a basic T-tunic layout without sleeves, cut body of tabard. Cut out rounded neckline a little at a time until it fits your preference. Face neckline with double fold, wide bias tape. mark center front and back 10 1/2 inches down from shoulder line. Make a chalk line from the mark to each bottom corner, staystich 1/2 inch above (toward neckline) this line. This prevents the material from stretching on the bias when you cut it and is very important. Cut on chalk line, clip point then fold under on stitching and press.

Use one of the black triangles as a pattern to make the white inserts, adding several (at least three) inches to the angled sides. again staystich angled edges before cutting. Pin then stitch white triangles to black.

From the leftover black triangles cut two pieces, each measuring 12 x 16 inches. These are the sleeve flaps. Fold with wrong sides together to an 8 x 12 piece, press. Fold out and center a patch (canton or personal) on each sleeve, with the point of the patch 1/2 inch above the fold. Attach with a narrow zig-zag stitch. You may use some of the Heat n Bond to hold the patch in place while stitching. With right sides together seam short sides, trim corners and turn; press. Center sleeves on tabard body, personal arms on left, canton on right, and stitch. Press under 1/2 inch on each long side, then 1/2 inch again. Stitch, catching in raw edge of sleeve if desired, to give it a nice finish.

Double size of lightning bolt pattern and trace four times onto paper side of Heat n Bond; two one way and two in mirror image. See diagram for placement of bolts and follow instructions on Heat n Bond to apply then. Zig-zag, using a short, narrow stitch.

Fold up bottom edges same as side and stitch.

I used a pattern from a submission form to make the arm patches; it's just the right size. I am willing to make patches for a small fee; I'm also available to answer any questions or explain anything that you don't understand. I'll even do a workshop if there's enough interest. I'm much better at showing then telling. My number is (555) 555-5555 before 9:00 pm please.

It would be nice if our fighters could look like a fighting unit before Border War this year.

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