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You Know Your Chivalrous When
(By an unknown Internet source as appeared in the December 1995 Bolt)

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You Know Your .  . .

Chivalrous when . . .

Unchivalrous when . . .

When you refuse to allow your lady to pick up her own fork to feed herself at feast.

When you use it instead to feed yourself from her plate.

When your opponent in a list loses an arm, and you give up the use of your head.

When you yourself take a head shot, and give up the use of a leg.

When you volunteer to step in and feastocrat another group's feast at the last minute.

When you manage to avoid lifting your hand to help out even at your own group's event.

When you volunteer to be a water-bearer on the hottest day of the year.

When you carry the water exclusively for your own use.

When your refuse to hit, and risk denting, an opponent's new shield.

When you deliberately run over the same shield with your iron dragon on the way out of site.

When you see a lady burdened down with an ice chest, two folding chairs, a watermelon, and a bottle of mead, and you offer to carry her things - and her with them.

When you cheerful offer to carry only the mead, and in your own goblet.

When you call a near miss on the tourney field, rather than see your opponent disappointed.

When you finally call a good blow from your bed in the local intensive care unit.

When you compliment the Kingdom's worst Bard on his enthusiasm.

When you later "accidentally" dump a 150 pound bag of armor on top of his lute.

Selections from a collection by an unknown author on the Internet.

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