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Brighid's Cookbook Review
(By Brighid the Ageless as appeared in the December 1994 Bolt)

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Brighid's Cookbook Review

To Further the education of the cooks in the canton, I will be reviewing my cookbooks individually. Please remember that a review reflects my opinions and experience. I welcome all who wish to respond with your own opinions by sending them to the Bolt chronicler for all to read.

The St. Valentine's Day Cookbook - Printed by the Canton of Three Hills.
This is a wonderful collection of the best recipes from the many years of Val Day feasts. The recipes I have tried have all come out just as well as I remember them. This is very important if you are like me and have a number of small failures in the kitchen (please don't ask).

My favorite recipe is the crab torte, I understand this also to be a favorite of Duchess Ilsa. It combines phyllo dough, crab and cream cheese in a delightful way.

Although this and most of the other recipes are not directly (or even directly) from period sources, this small book does give the novice feastocrat a look at the sources used by veteran cooks to create a truly memorable feast. I purchased my copy from the canton of Three Hills two years ago but I have no idea if thee are copies still available. I am sue a call to the seneschal would answer that question.

If anyone would be interested in seeing this or any of my other cookbooks, please call me at 555-5555.


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