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Lady Brighid's Berry Cordial
(By Brighid the Ageless as appeared in the June 1994 Bolt)

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Lady Brighid's Berry Cordial

Many of you have sampled my cordial and have asked the recipe. What follows is my basic formula but please develop your own - I'll be happy to taste your efforts!

2 cups          Berries slightly mashed. Fresh is best but frozen will do.

2 cups          Sugar

1/2 bottle      Vodka, preferably a good variety that you can drink straight.

1/2 bottle      Irish Whiskey (they're all good of course).

Place in a large glass jar, stir until sugar is dissolved. Cover and try to be patient for two weeks. Strain out the berries - try coffee filters in a funnel - and enjoy.

As you may guess this is a very sweet cordial that has enough alcohol to sneak up on you. The berries are also very good on ice cream.

Notice: My first batch turned into alcoholic jam so thick you could stand a spoon in it. You may want to try but I didn't. If this should happen to you, add more alcohol of your choosing and the jam will dissolve.


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