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Ten Ways to Tell an SCA Person in Mundane Life
(By Cynfyn ap Rhywallon as appearded in the May 1994 Bolt)

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Top Ten Ways to Tell an SCA Person in Mundane Life

  1. Their eyes glaze over when they see an ad for a big fabric sale.

  2. They're taking a museum tour and when shown a 13th century sampler mutters softely, "I could do that". Then realizes it is primary documentation.

  3. Wanders flea markets hoping to soem day find an anvil.

  4. Absently says "many thanks milady" to the startled counter person at McDonald's.

  5. Limps frompracticing Scottish folk dancing.

  6. He/She's broke (always).

  7. They laugh hysterically while watching Errol Flynn films.

  8. They know 38 embroidery techniques and make their own cloth but still can't program their VCR.

  9. They're the ones with the "Beggers do it on their knees" bumper sticker.

  10. Grins but says nothing when a trick-or-treater comes to the door wearing tinfoil armour (then gives the kid a double-handful of candy).

By Cynfyn ap Rhywallon

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