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La Chatelaine de Vergi - part 2
(By Yasbeau de Vergi as appeared in the October 1989 Bolt)

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La Chatelaine de Vergi - part 2

The knight was handsome and courteous,
And for his valor was made welcome
By the duke who ruled Burgundy;
And often came and went
To the court, and so often he went
That the duchess became enamored of him; that,
If he had not lost his heart elsewhere,
Well he would have understood
That she loved him greatly.
But no matter what show she made of it,
The knight seemed not to see,
Nor at all to perceive
That she was in love with him.
And this caused her such vexation,
That she spoke one day to him.
And said to him these words,
"Sire, you are handsome and gallant, this
Everyone says, may God be thanked!
You would have well deserved
To have a lady friend in such a high place
As to have had of it honor and gain,
How such a friend would befit you."
"My lady," said he, "I had not yet to this end
Turned my thoughts."
"By my faith," said she, "to wait
Too long could do you great harm, that is
My thought, and you ought to make
A friend in a high place, if you see
That you are well loved there."
He replied, "My lady, by my faith, I do not
Well understand why you say this, nor
What it means,
I am neither duke nor count,
To have the right to love at so high a rank,
Nor could I win the love
Of a lady so supreme,
Even if I wanted to accomplish it."
"Perhaps you have," said she,
"Many greater marvels have been seen,
And more like it shall be seen again,
Tell me if you know whether
I have given you my love,
I who am such a sovereign woman."
And he answered directly,
"My lady, I did not know of it.
I would rather have your love
In all honor,
But may God keep me from this love,
That neither you nor I may be led
Wherein would lie the shame of my lord,
For at no price, in no manner, would I make
Such an error as to commit
Such wretched and disloyal folly towards
My own lord and master!"
"Oh!", said she, who was sore aggrieved,
"Sir Fool, and who asks it of you?"
"Ah! My Lady, no one thank the Lord,
But I will say no more."

To be continued....

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