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Poem: Hope
(By Aragon Haldane as appeared in the September 1989 Bolt)

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When in the battle the sword is raised
To catch the sun's bright, gleaming rays,
Then did I stand upon the mound,
Then did I hear a most strange sound.

It came from over the rais'ed hill
And rolled down in the valley still;
And I did wonder that I could hear
The sounds of laughter and good cheer.

The noise came strange unto mine ears,
These sounds of mirth, and of good cheer,
For upon that mound where I did stand,
The battle raged like blowing sand.

So listen thou, and listen well,
For I have not time for all to tell;
Now upon that mound so permed with blood,
Did I hear Hope, as like a flood.

The time drew near that I should die,
And so I hoped to flee, to fly!
But Hope called to me as a friend,
And said, "Stay here, and do not bend!"

And so I stayed, I know not why,
For I did wish to flee, to fly;
But upon that darkened, bleak red mound,
Did I swiftly cast mine enemies down!

So if thou art assailed as I was here,
Remember one thing, and be of good cheer,
For the Hope that thou hold'st inside thy heart
Is all-powerful, and shall ne'er depart!

Aragon Haldane

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