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(By Iarlaith ni Fionnallain as appeared in the September 1989 Bolt)

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This article is the first in a series on various aspects of Medieval Calligraphy, Celtic Design and Calligraphic Patterns. I have LOTS of reference materials, so if you are interested in obtaining more information, please let me know and we can get together on it.

This material was taken from a "Collection of Diaper and Bar Patterns for the Medieval Illuminator". It was originally collected by Rowena Axeldottar from the Barony of Forgotten Sea in the Kingdom (then Principality) of Calontir.

These diaper patterns could be used in the illumination of a scroll but I also see them being used as embroidery patterns for Byzantine garb (a tablum) or for a fancy dress cloak made out of velvet or satin.

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