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Forgery - Throwing Axe
(By Johan the Deaf as appeared in the March/April 1988 Bolt)

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Subject: Throwing Axe . . . Part 3 in a 3 part series

Construction Time: .5 hr.

Well here we are again and it is time to learn how to make more killing things (is there anyone left in your family to test them on?) This month it is a throwing axe, although it doesn't quite look like an axe it does work well. And so it begins . . .

  1. Cut out the pattern on 16 ga. (or thicker) steel.

  2. Drill holes in the handle as shown to provide the right balance.

  3. Sharpen the edge and harden as described in part 1.

  4. You may cover the handle with a thin, light material to improve it's appearance.

Now the test . . . I thought of testing it on the kids but then I got a better idea! I think I will test it on people who make rude comments about my kids . . . They bug me more than the kids do!!!!

Beware . . . the Deaf is on the prowl -

Next Month - Perfect Legs

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