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A Song for Queen Eislin
(Words By James "the Rat", music by Lord Daibhre mac Coileain O'Cearbhail of Gavelkynde mac Cearteach
as appeared in the February 1988 Bolt)

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A Song for Queen Eislin

Twas on a hot mid summers day
As Pennsic sixteen is lnown to-day
For on that day a cry did sound
For Midrealm Squires to gather round

We came from many lands that day
To meet with brother squires, they say
That call went out for brave and bold
And full of hope, the story's told

Squires of the Midrealm,
For brotherhood we stand
And to Queen Eislin,
We pledge our hand

The plan was told to squires squires all
To form a group to heed the call
And stand the Queen's side night and day
And thus the name Queen's Guard they gave

We formed up on the battle day
The Queen came out to see the fray
The roses thrown unto Her feet
And tears as well, emotions deep

(repeat Chorus here)

To crush our spirits and morale
When cannon sounded battle's call
The Tuchucks were the first to rout
But Eilsin's name did then ring out

As teh battle in the Wood went down
The name "Queens's Guard" had meet reknown
With forces all the East did pour
On the uphill road we fought the more

(repeat Chorus here)

Our overwelming army stood
Gainst Tuchucks, Eastern Flag and Wood
But hornets won that battle true
An awful loss, though dead were few

Our Queen of love and beauty reigned
To resurrection point she came
All our grateful tears did fall
And Eislin's gracious name we called

(repeat Chrous here)

The bold young man Galin we owe
So very much you'll never know
To us a brotherhood he gave
The squires of the Midrealm say

At Eislin's feet this Galin leant
And carried her encouragement
A new champion was named that day
'Tis hoped we'll always fight that way

(repeat Chorus here)

Midrealm Squires together know
To serve our belted honor so
At the feet of this great Queen
Means more than these mere words we sing

(repeat Chorus here)

By Squire James "the Rat",
music by Lord Daibhre mac Coileain O'Cearbhail of Gavelkynde mac Caerteach (aka "Sloth"


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