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Canton of Rimsholt History A. S. XXXV (2000)

Seneschal: Brighid the Ageless Herald: Kahil MacDowell
Minister of Arts & Sciences: Agnes Rose VanKouwenhoven Exchequer: Adalasia the Serene
Rapier Marshal: Gilbert de Dijon Knights Marshal: Oweyn ap Tegwaret
Archery Marshal: Emma de Winter Thrown Weapons Marshal: Rhys ab Idwal
Chronicler: Edward of Denby Woods Chatelain(e): Caitlyn of Greencastle
Chirurgeon: Alessandra l'Amour  

Events and Activities of Note:

Canton Officer Articles from the Rimsholt Bolt in 2000

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Images from the Past

Garth and Keziah at Northwoods 12th Night

Caitlyn at Northwoods 12th Night

Simone at Northwoods 12th Night

Kahil at Northwoods 12th Night

Madeleine at Northwoods 12th Night

Anisah at Northwoods 12th Night

Oweyn at Northwoods 12th Night

Colin, Future King

Winter Revel 15 Emma and Simone at Winter Revel Blackhawk and Blackram at Winter Revel Emmalie at Winter Revel
Ashby and Wolfgang at Winter Revel Agnes Rose and Wolfgang at Winter revel Gilebert and Rhys at Winter Revel Felix and Garth at Winter Revel
Emma and Madeleaine at Winter Revel Benedict and the King at Winter Revel Emma and Anthony at Winter Revel Ashby at Winter Revel
Rimsholt Banner at Winter Revel Edward at Winter Revel Agnes Rose at Winter Revel Kahil and Bartholomew at Winter Revel

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