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This is where you can see if your state has any submitted locations

      If you have looked at your states locations and have a location to add or an address to add, this is the place.I can tell you Ridge Home rests in Arvada across the street from Red Eocks Community College. It is on Ridge Road and Miller. That is where the main complex is and there are other buildeing that were the "newer" building that are in the campus, they are also very apperant because they have signs stating it is Colorado State property. I have tried to get into the main complex with out trespassing by getting the State's permission I have written to everyone even the governer. I finally got an answer and I got into the main complex of Ridge Home.

     I recived an email fromsomeone and this is what he had to say: i would like to know more on calhoun, ga. are there any more hauntings or ghosts. please reply : If you can help him out, I am trying please email me and I will put you intouch with him. The only reason I am doing it this way is because I wanted to keep his privicy for him and not make him avalible to the world. Email Me to help this person.

      Another email I recived is this :Hi. How are you doing? I'm looking for any information on Toad Road in York County Pa. Any info would be helpful like where it is would really be helpful. Thanks for your time and cooperation. Mike : If anyone can help him please just email me and hopefully we can, I am looking into it now.

      Another email I recived: If everybody remembers the book Michigan murders the house that the man killed all them people in still stands out in the woods in Ypsilanti,Michigan off of geddees on hunters creek dr. if u go out there at night u will see the spirits of the poeple he killed wndering through the forest and the old abandonded house

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