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West Virginia

Harper's Ferry National Park

John Brown has been seen with his black dog walking down the street. Reportedly, people have asked him to pose for a picture because he looks so real.

Livingston Homestead

Currently this building is being used as the Priest Field Pastoral Center. Activity has been recorded here since the early 1800's. The ghost is believed to be that of a man who asked for shelter and to speak with a priest because he was going to die, and was denied. Reports of a man walking into the Catholic Chapel on the grounds and then disappearing are common in fall. Also reported is the sounds of objects being torn or cut.

Moorefield Cole Mountain

Since the 1800's an orange red light has been seen from the road. It is said to be a slave who ran away from Charles Jones's plantation.

Petersburg Van Meter's Farm

The ghost of George Van Meter has been seen looking for his head. He was killed in an Indian attack and was buried without his head. Several days after his funeral his head was found in a cooking pot outside a local meeting house. Although his head was found, he still roams the area.

Talcott Big Bend Tunnel

The ghost of Big John Henry haunts the Tunnel. He died of a stroke while attempting to win a contest. The sounds of his hammering can still be heard told

Talcott Big Bend Tunnel

the ghost of John Henry haunts this tunnel where he died finishing it's construction.

Huntington Colonial Lanes

women's voice heard whispering.

Parkersburg various locations

Located along the Ohio River, during the Civil War, Parkersburg was said to be the "wickedest city along the Ohio River." Now many believe it is the most haunted. In the city of Parkersburg, and surrounding areas, we have Scottish Banshees, the legendary Moth man seen on the X-Files, ghosts of Civil War soldiers, a local historical hotel which has ongoing paranormal activity and approx. five ghosts, There is a haunted Island (Blennerhassett Island) and ghosts of the legendary Margaret Blennerhassett, the "Ghost Of Silver Run," a Raven-haired bride who jumped a train (never mind that she was dead!) there is a spirit called "The East End Ghoul" which appeared in Parkersburg in late June of 1888 terrorizing the entire city, there is a Weeping Woman statue who weeps over the graves of Stonewall Jackson's relatives, also the ghost of a black cat completely sawed in half! There is Bessie the little ghost girl, and various aspects of the paranormal.

Harpers Ferry Home

to several ghosts. Many are linked to the Civil War, but there are many that are just towns people returning home.

Falling Waters The Old Mill

Lights have been seen in the second and third floor windows even though the floors have long since rotted away.

Morgantown Public Library

The public library employees have reported a ghost. Especially when working late in the evening.

Babcock State Park

A woman murdered in the park by her preacher husband haunts the location.

Wadestown Gobblers Knob

there is a very old graveyard in an old hollow known as Gobblers Knob. A man in the back corner of the yard in a heavy blue coat with a rifle. When the man is talked to he disappears.

Pocahontas County Droop Mountain Battlefield

In the battlefield is a replica cannon of the ones they used in battle. On certain nights, sitting on the barrel of the cannon, is a soldier smoking a cigarette.

Logan County 1915 Abandoned Mine

A Once Profitable Mine located on a Mountainside in a small community known as Ethel. Eerie presences are known to be seen near the Mine opening. Footsteps could clearly be heard echoing from deep within the cavern. A small light waving from within it's depths slowly passing back and forth.

McDowell co. Yukon #2

Used to be an old coal mines here. now ghost haunt the place every night.

Seneca Caverns

Tour guides and tourists have reported seeing small balls of light bounce along the floor and walls of the caverns. If the balls are approached, they move away. Also, a "ghost tour" sometimes follows unsuspecting individuals through the cave. Other strange things, such as doors slamming as tours approach, and lights flickering off and on are regular happenings.

Moorefield Gamble House

The Gamble Mansion in Moorefield has a history of slavery. Willow trees in the front yard still display the marks of where slaves were chained to the trees and bred incessantly. The house, however, is haunted by the spirits of children. Once, the master of Gamble House's daughter had a child by a slave (this may have happened several times). Not wanting the scandal, her father killed the child and burned it's body in the fireplace. The cries of babies can be heard crying throughout the house.

Beckley Junior High

It use to be a Hospital during the Civil War. There was a young woman named Hannah who worked as a nurse. There were some slaves one day that were locked up in the room. Then Hannah was killed. She moans and you can hear footsteps up and down the halls.

West Greene School Office

Office is a separate house from school, there are strange banging noises and bizarre animal like creatures that appear, also doors swing open on own.

Logan 22 Mountain Road

The ghost of Mame Thurman, a lady killed on June 22,1932 by a still unknown killer, has been seen walking the woods where she was killed.

Mason County The Plumly Mansion

There was a woman in a white dress that got thrown in the well by her husband. Now she haunts the place. There was also a black guy who hung himself in the closet upstairs. If you go in the basement you can see blood on the walls you can also get lost down there. If you go in there at night you will hear the woman screaming and you will hear the black guy upstairs hang himself. Also the porch light is always on welcoming people but the place is abandoned with no electrical power.

Monongalia County West Run Road

Cemetery and woods are believed to be haunted. If you travel the road late at night you will notice that the hundred crosses sitting on the hill are illuminated and eerie. In fact, local witches have their Sabbaths up on this hill on their holy days.

DeSales Heights School

Next to the Stonewall Jackson site. It is an abandoned catholic school. Many legends and ghost sites there. Has flashing lights and people walking the halls. If you are interested in going there I can tell you ways in without getting caught. Legend has it a young boy stole a gold cross from the priest then the boy died soon after. The cross is supposed to still be there. Also many nuns died there and are buried beneath the school in stoned-up walls. Anyone who goes there, DO NOT GO ALONE at night. It is the scariest site you will ever visit.

Shepherd College

In Gardiner Hall, named for a Home Coming Queen who slipped in the shower and died from a head wound. She walks across the football field at midnight on home coming day. In Kenamond Hall a small a small boy messes with TV and electronic equipment. Miller Hall was a Civil War hospital and many civil war ghosts are seen, also a girl hanged herself in the attic (which is now locked), not to mention the exorcism (across that was carved into the door can still be seen). That is just to name a few. Shepherd College has much, much more.

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