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Welcome to Release Me

This is Dedicated

      This is dedicated to all of you viewing this site. I would like to hear all of your stories and locations and I would like to see all your pictures. I would like for others to hear what you have to tell. This site is just starting as you can tell I hope you will grow to like this site and have fun with it. I will share stories, pictures and locations with you as well.

      I want to dedicate this to my family for the support they have shown me for this site. I want to thank my dad for getting so excited about it and I would like to thank my mom for every thing she has shared with me about Ridge Home and life. I would like to thank my fiancÚ for letting me get into the paranormal and not discouraging it and kinda getting into my interest as well. Oh I would also want to dedicate this site to my "Fear family" and I hope that they visit. This means you: Vampbansheelore (or what ever it was, haha), Sayianknight, Darkwolf, Vaempre, Clv7, who ever else I'm forgetting, sorry.

      I will share a story from one of them as well about the place I am sharing my story about. I will update this site as often as I can and if I get too far behind you can send me threatening emails. Just playin don't.

Shorty Has a New Site

      Well if you are a normal visitor you will know that I have a new site. Things are changing. I have begun to redo this site. As many of you know I do this quit often. But I have started on making printable versions of the state locations pages and have began to find pictures of each of the places on the state locations pages. If I haven't done your state, I'm working on Alabama next, then email me and I will add your state to my list.

     I am trying hard to make a great site so I hope that you enjoy it all. If you have any suggestions you can also use the link above and let me know. I will need to take a break for now, I have a website that I am working on that is paying me to do it, I am so sorry but once I get this new site fixed I will start back up on my beloved site.

     Anyone is welcome to use the message board and chat room I just ask that the "bad" language is kept to a minimum and you show respect to everyone. I can delete your messages or kick you off. Please don't make me do it either. I believe in freedom of speech to the extent of respect.

     I worked very hard on the site so enjoy your stay and please don't get lost....

Thanks for visting!

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