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Georgetown Georgetown Castle

A crazy old lady has been seen choking herself with one hand and hitting witnesses with the other. Her eyes have been said to 'burn like coal'. The lady is believed to be a Spanish woman who killed her illegitimate babies and buried them under the porch.

Seattle The Burnley School

Reports include footsteps climbing stairs, furniture being moved, and doors being locked and unlocked without the key.

Green Lake

A shadowy apparition is blamed for many kidnapping during the 1920's. The kidnappings are still unsolved.

Tacoma Washington State Historical Society

The museum in the building is said to be haunted by an unknown spirit, who likes to ride the elevators late at night. There are a few reports of seeing the ghost of Mary Todd Lincoln.

Vancouver Officer's Row

While these now office buildings were being remodeled it stirred up some ghostly activity. Footsteps, cold spots, touching, and phone ringing when they aren't even plugged in have all been reported

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