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Bristol Bristol Notch

Shafts were dug by people looking for Spanish treasure. A little boy fell in one of the shafts. The boys final cries can be heard along with mournful bone chilling howls, from his faithful dog.

Chittenden Eddie Family House

This former house is now a Ski Store, is said to 'freaky' things happen in there often. Including shadows and objects moving.

Inwood Inwood Manor

At this resort Inn, the apparitons are commonly reported since the resort was renovations. It is believed that they are mother and daughter and that they drowned in a nearby river.

Lake Memphremagag General Wayne's Ghost

Many fisherman report seeing General Wayne dressed as an Indian Scout. He is said to glide across the water with a bald eagle perched on each hand.

St. Johnsbury Farr House

Supposedly, the whole house has been seen shaking reportedly the way Jake Farr did before his wife killed him. The apparition of a woman has been seen in the neighbor's orchard and crossing the road late at night. Sally Farr shot Jake with a single rifle blast from across the gully in the neighbor's orchard. She killed him for molesting her daughter.

Stowe Emily's Bridge

This bridge was named after the ghost that haunts it. A flickering white light and breezes are common here. The most common story about Emily is that her fiancee rejected her. She reportedly hanged herself on the bridge.

University of Vermont Bittersweet House

The ghost of a woman who lived here in the 1930's is said to be seen throughout the house.

Converse Hall

The apparition of medical student who is believed to have committed suicide in the 1920's is said to haunt the building.

Waterbury Old Stage Coach Inn

Apparition of Margaret Spencer, haunts Room 2 in this inn. She has reportedly appeared several times wearing a white shawl in her former bedroom.

Wilmington White House of Wilmington

Built in 1915, paranormal activity began only began after it was remodeled into a resort inn. Activity includes unexplained footsteps and other sounds, and a shadowy presence has been seen walking the halls

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