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Brigham City Dove Creek Camp

This abandoned labor camp is the home to Chinese voices, phantom headlights that have been known to go straight through trains.

Canyonlands National Parks Dead Horse Point

Many years ago cowboys left horses fences up to die of thirst. The apparitions of these horse haunt the area.

Salt Lake City Old Desert

An old deserted settlement is the home to many seen looking out the windows. One woman reported gives obscene hand gesture because the put her house backwards during the movement of the town.

Utah State Historical Society

Built in 1910, it was once home to the railroad station for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroads. A woman is said to haunt the ladies restroom and the cafe. It is believed that she was killed by a train while attempted to get the ring that her boyfriend threw on the tracks. Other activity includes footsteps, and voices and the apparition of an unknown man.

St. George Hardy House Restaurant

A strange unknown shadow has been seen by customers, wait staff and the owner.

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