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*/***Jefferson Davis Hospital

Darkwolf submitted this place I looked into it and click here to find the story and pictures.

Capital City Playhouse

A ghostly presence moves furniture, stage lights and is known to misplace personal items.

Governor's Mansion

The north bedroom is supposedly haunted by a former governor's nephew. Unexplainable banging sounds can be heard, and is supposedly always colder than other rooms within the mansion.

White Rock Lake

A woman in a white evening gown appears soaked to those that see her. One man, reported that he answered the door to see a screaming apparition who disappeared leaving only a puddle of water.


A man was physically attacked in the parking lot of a condominium facility. There is speculation that the haunting is tied to a series of unsolved murders in the area.

The Alamo

Grotesque apparitions have merged from the walls when the building is threatened in anyway. A ghostly hand stopped those that tried to tear it down. Some ghostly hands had torches and a loud voice promised horrible deaths to anyone who 'messed' with the building.

The Witte Museum

Doors are unlocked, and items are moved by an unknown force.

Driskill Hotel

The top floor is haunted by a playful ghost.

Littlefield Home

the ghost of it's former owners still haunt this house .

Snuffers Restaurant

numerous people have seen this unidentified ghost.

Brooks House

a ghost that smokes a pipe haunts this home.

The Catfish Plantation

supposed to be haunted by three ghosts. Waitresses and customers are always reporting strange things that happen--rude patrons having plates dumped on them, cold spots in the bathroom. Pictures have been taken that show a slender young woman in outline form. One is a farmer, one is an old woman who lived there, and one is a young girl who was murdered on her wedding day in the house. Supposedly a burglar attempted to burglarize the safe one night and seemed to leave in a hurry.

Anson Lights

The story was covered by the television series Unsolved Mysteries about a year ago. Many residents from Anson and the near town of Abilene have gone to witness these phenomenal lights. My own father and sister witnessed these lights. The cemetery is located going towards the country. The lights are viewed by driving down the dirt farm road equivalent of about a half mile or more. As you drive closer to the cemetery towards the lights they disappear. As for the actual story for this occurrence, is unsolved. Local myth says that this light is the ghost of a mother carrying a lantern looking for her missing child. The child had left the house on cold winter day and was lost and froze to death. The mother's spirit still searches for her child.

Victoria's Black Swan Inn

There have been numerous ghostly experiences.

Shane and Villamain Roads

the spirits of children who were killed in a bus accident at the intersection push one's car off the tracks. This has been documents on film. Put your car in neutral and the cars will roll up hill and over the tracks.

Menger Hotel

haunted by the spirit of a chambermaid who was killed there by her husband.

Institute of Texas Culture

There are stories of pipe smoke (unexplained) being smelled there, footsteps near the audio/visual room, rearranged books in library, back of 1898 glass hearst being opened and other activity around it.

UTMB campus

The side of one of the buildings on the UTMB campus, "Big Red" has been rumoured to be haunted for years. People have made claims regarding seeing a face on the side of this building, which was on the Island before the 1900 storm, that it is considered local tradition, and the story is found on the back of postcards.

Ale House Pub and Eatery

There have been numerous sightings and mischief here. beer mug's go sailing across the room, food plates being flipped up for no apparent reason. Customer's getting hit with thing's, one so bad that he files a lawsuit against the pub stating they were responsible for his injuries (of course it was thrown out).

Sealy High School

sounds of walking and doors opening and closing on the second floor, elevator operating by itself.

The old Downtown Libary Building

is said to have a ghost that plays a violin in the dead of night. Some say its the sprit of one of the old maintance man that worked there in the 20's & 30's.

The Wunche Bros Cafe

In Spring, TX. Spring is really a portion of Houston on its north side. The building has served many purposes including rail station, brothel and restaurant. Many have seen an apparition of "Old Man Wunche" on the upstairs balcony. Several waitresses claimed to have seen him.

The Town of Crosby

is haunted neighborhood has been written about in the novel, "The Black Hope Horror". The neighborhood was constructed over an old slave cemetary and many of the residents were terrorized by the angry spirits that dwelled below. No one had a clue as to what was causing it until a couple, while digging a swimming pool, unearthed the remains of a couple who had been buried in their backyard. It is a story that is very similar to the movie "Poltergeist", but it is frighteningly real. Most of the activity is centered at the east end of Poppets Way and the side street that connects at the east end. According to the book, people would rent a house on the street and abruptly leave within a month...and this was a very regular occurence.

The Campus of Texas A&M University

contains an Agriculture building that has a haunted elevator. Supposedly, the ghost involves the victim of a murder.

The Menger Hotel

The bar where the cafe is now is haunted by T. Roosevelt Ruff Riders. Also people have know to leave in the middle of night after seeing Mr. King in the King's Ranch Room where he pasted away.

Commanche Look-out Hill

Sourses say they have seen ghost of the men that were stationed at the fort. They also have reported that they have seen indians there.

Angelo State University

The housing office and surrounding building is haunted by the spirit of a young co-ed who was murdered there in the 1970's by an ROTC cadet. He apparently was infatuated with her and went into a murderous rage when she refused his advances.

La Hacienda Restaraunt

This restaraunt is on the riverbanks of the Rio Grande which separates El Paso, Texas from Juarez, Mexico. It is said that on certain nights the apparition of a woman can be seen walking near the restaraunt weeping loudly and asking for her children who have drowned in the river.

North Star Mall

Shadows that walk by and if you work there you will here your name whispered.

Transmountain Road

There have been many reports of a monk and his donkey walking this road, which runs through the Franklin Mountains of El Paso, causing many car accidents. It is said he is protecting a lost goldmine where Spanish missionaries had a large fortune. The University of Texas at El Paso confirms that this goldmine did in fact exist...but it's archaeological department has had no luck in finding it.

Hotel Jefferson

is occupied by a few ghosts. A maid has claimed to hear voices coming out of room 19 when not occupied. Some occupants had been known not to stay in room 19 due to the feeling of being watched.

University of Texas

Used to be Fort Brown and soldiers march and do their drills at night.

Old Onion House

Said to be haunted by ghosts of people that used to live there by the last name of onion.

Saratoga Road

Hundreds of people have witnessed a ghostly light that appears and hovers, then zooms past and even has sat on the hoods of cars. This story is so amazing because so many people have witnessed it and it can be viewed with almost a 100% probability of appearance.

The Lady of the Lake

or White Lady has been seen here and on the road by the lake - dressed in a 1920's evening gown and soaking wet - she asks drivers for a ride to a house on Gaston Ave where she disappears leaving nothing but a wet stain on the seat. The story is that she was the daughter of a wealthy family in the 1920's. She was on her way home from a ball when her car wrecked in the lake - she drowned, but the others lived.

Old LaGrange High School

Rosa Mieneke, a teacher haunts the second floor of the school. Books fly across the room, papers tear themselves in half, footsteps can be heard by teachers at night on the stairs, a woman's voice can be heard in the dead of the night.

Hogg Middle School

In the mid 30's or 40's a famous gangster of the Heights Area was dug up and hung up on the flag pole as a practical joke. Janitors and Late Night Libarians have said to seen and heard his shadows and footsteps.

Building 4

Many current and former members of the U.S. Army and Department of the Army civilian employees confirm stories of strange activities in one of the oldest remaining buildings on the Military Installation. One tale tells of an old Army Cavalry soldier seen in the upstairs window of the building on several occasions. Others tell of similar situations in which men and women are seen roaming the halls of the now unoccupied building. Building 4 was once used as a secondary morgue to hold the bodies of slain soldiers.

White Sanitarium

It is said that if you go in there that you will see ghosts playing cards

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