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*~* There are many of haunted places that are off limits unless you have access. I have been given access to Ridge Home and I know that is off limits. I know that there are few ghost hunters or "paranormal experts" that eneter places with out permission, which is called trespassing and there are heavy fines at some places for that. Most likely if you see a no trespassing sign, it is there for a reason Ridge Home has some VERY dangerous materials inside. It even has signs stating that it is harmful to your health. Why some people ignore that I will never know... But with Rigde, even one little breath in there can hurt your lungs VERY much! It can get on your close and that can be inhaled later, after you leave. So if you ever get permission to go into Ridge, you will NEVER have permission to get into the buildings, unless you have a hazmat suit! So please get permission before entering places like these. Ridge is being torn down, due to the many trespassers, and fires.*~*

My Story

     My grandma used to work in this old mental hospital called Ridge Home. She worked there for about 8 years. She was a pill pusher. She brought my mom with her many of times and I thank my mom for many of the stories she has shared with me. Ridge Home is still there, last I heard, no one was claiming it because of the esptos in the place and it needed to be cleaned up. The place draws me to it. I first visited it and I was shaking, it is ard to take a picture like that. When I left I had this bad headache. Some people think I'm a selective empath. When I left I was crying. Some of the stories I've heard is some of kids were dropped off by parents and they were perfectly "normal" but in time became socialy mentaly disabled. I have heard they threw dead people in a room until someone could figure out what to do with them. I have come to believe that there are many unmarked graves out in the feild.

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Knightgun's Story

      I have told Knightgun about Ridge Home and he lives in the same state as me so he really wanted to check it out finally one night he did. ...

      Knightgun I hope that you arn't mad I edited some of your spelling I know you were in a hurry so I made it make more sence.LOL Anyways here is Knightgun's story about Ridge Home:

      Well tongiht I decided to go to Ridge Home me and four friends. We went in almost every building and even ran into a group of kids there.(they had gone there like four times before, so we got a guided tour)Anyway real strange theres this building with a real bad smell that the first time we went near we actually saw the building shake for no reaseon we decided to wait on that building.

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CLV's Story

      This is the rest of Clv's story his "uncut" story: Ive had some very weird experiences here. I use to live uptown and was very near the Cloisters (an actual castle) a division of the Metropolitan museum, which I visited frequently. One of my friends told me it was haunted. So of course we made a night trip. Security was not so tight back then so we were able to walk through some of the areas. Some of the noises we heard were out of this world. In one situation we heard a women painfully screaming as if she was right behind us. We investigated but we found nothing.

     After that we made it a regular thing. We would read the local paper in our neighborhood and find stories about people who were killed. We would then go and investigate the site. Most of the times they were roof tops and basements of apartment buildings, sometimes-old factories that were no joke at night.

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Dakota's Story

      My name is Dakota and back in April my girlfriend and I went to see her sister in Traverse City, MI. While there we decided to go check out this Old Haunted Asylum. I was kinda hesitant because I don't do well with haunted places. It was me, my girlfriend, her son, sister, and her sister's baby girl. We had went shopping and was ending our day by passing near the Asylum. As we got close my girlfriend's sister asked me if I was psychic. I joked and said yeah and psycho. She proceeded to tell me that psychics who had been here told that they had an extreme need to flee asap.

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Foxyangel's Story

      I would first like to say that i never felt anything but that adds to the whole eerieness of this story.

      When i was in 7th grade my fathert and I were staying with my uncle in Nampa, Idaho while our home in Parma, Idaho was ready for us to move in. My uncle had this house that was a 3 bedroom home and was really nice. My dad stayed in a room at the end of the hall, my uncle's acroos from his and mine beside my uncle's.

     After my dad and I had moved out, one of my uncle's friends had moved in while she recoverd from back surgery. After a while my uncle had contacted us to ask if we had experienced anything strange in his home. We replyed no and then he explained why he asked the question.

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kristyle's Story

     I was staying at my cousins house one night, and she had went to bed at 11:00. i went to lay down about 12:45, and i herd her get up. she sounded like she was pacing the floor, it got louder and louder. i finally said her name once, she had stopped in her own shadow, i said her name twice, and she looked at me and she smiled, but she didn't answer me. i said her name the third time, and she just disappeared, then i was up all night long, the next day i had asked her about it, she said that she was never up past 11:00. so it got me thinking, was that woman that i had seen really her? or was it a stranger that lived there before.