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Shorty's Poems

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When you're lost and can't find your way,
Turn toward me,
There will always be a girl here to help you find a brighter day,
When you're so lost and hopeless all you can think is "what happened? How can this be?"
Whan the world crushes you like velvet
Just remember I'll be here to lend a hand
Remember simplicity has it,
I will help you from drowning in your ocean and bring you to my land.


This girl sits across the way
I see pain and lonelyness in her tears,
She cries out but no one seems to hear her,
Millions of people around her but how many of them care?
As I see the tears fall from her face,
I see that the pain is so real,
I can feel it inside my heart
Her lonelyness is so misrable, how is it no one around her cares?
Her cries are so deafening how is it no one hears her?
I feel her uncontrolable depression,
No one around her even relizes
This poor girl,
This young adult just turned of age not long ago
Yet she has been an adult for most of her life,
She never talks anymore
No one even listens,
It's almost as if no one wants to,
I look away from her face,
The pain is too much to take,
But wait!
She has a gun!
Her pain is so strong she's ready to end this,
This poor girl
I reach out my hand to help her,
But what is this? What do I see?
This poor girl with a gun at hand is me.

My Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo used to be fun,
Cinco de Mayon used to be a celebration for a war won
Cinco de Mayo is where Mexican and American teen boys beat the french army
What is Cinco de Mayo to you?
My Cinco de Mayo?
Well I got tot school and found everyone crying
15 days after the Columbine tradgy
When I got to class I find out that a friend had killed himself
Over a hit and run accident with a nother car, no one was hurt in the accident
He was so worried about messing up the carpet in his house that he want out side and put a gun to his head
I've thought of suicide many of times
Then I thought of the people who would be hurt
How would they take it?
As mad as I am, Logan, I still miss you and I don't hate you!
Every Cinco de Mayo memories of Logan flood my head
I think of walking home with him in 7th grade hitting him in the head with a little election sign
He was always happy and always goofing off
But every Cinco de Mayo for the past two years brings tears
This is my Cinco de Mayo.


Bitterness and hatred is comming on strong
People fight over the color of one's skin, one's sexual preferance, what ever else that can be found wrong
Who picks what race they are? If they are gay or straight,
Ignorance is Bliss?
Ignorance is a mind led astray
Bring it home!
Did you pick what color your skin is?
If you did tell me how so I can change mine blue
So when people call me a smirf it is totaly true!
Did you pick how thin you are?
How tall you are?
Don't tell me you are perfect?
Why do people hurt others?
Inscure, one word
Have no pride
Not enough attention
Whatever the case maybe
Put yourself in their shoes,
Believe it or not I am a bully to bullies
Stand up for what you believe in don't just go with the croud
You really think five guys on one is fair?
I didn't, it was all over a shirt
Oh you have more money than me?
Does that make you better?
Does that make what a say a bunch of bull?
I work for everthing I own
Parents buy your car, gas, insurance, close?
Good luck in the real world
You may think you are better than someone
But if you torment someone for race, sexual preferance, being too fat, too thin, poor or whatever the it may be
Just know that person is better than you
They don't have to bully someone for any of these reasons to fell higher or better about themselves
Next time you want to lay a hand on someone for any of these reasons
Know that karma is a pain and it will hurt
Next time your an ass to someone and have a chance to say your sorry and don't you're weak
That person is better than you
Even if their emotions take over it means they have a big heart
You sit and you read this, I have a smirk on my face the closest to a smile for me in days
You wonder is this about you?

Angels Cry

God washes the blood away,
The angels cry,
As a major tradgy enters our life, the rain comes,
Oklahoma City, the rain fell from the sky,
A bomb planted in the hearts of many people,
As those heart shattered, the angels cried,
Cried for the innocent lives lost,
And God washed away the blood,

April 20,1999 Columbine High lost spirit,
People lost loves ones,
Others lost faith,
Two kids took innocent lives,
Bombs made, guns bought, planned was the bloodshed,
As I los tears, Angels cried,
Cried for the innocent lives lost,
And God washed away the blood.

Last week a deadly blow struck all of America,
The Pentagon, the World Trade Center set afire and torn down by our own commerical jets,
Over 5,000 people lost their lives,
Heros rushed in to help but became victims themselves,
Horrable heartless people took lives of innocent people, even children, they saw their victims, looked these people in the eyes and took their life,
As I grew weary, as I lost hope, as I lost faith, as I lost my heart, as I lost my tears, angels cried,
Cried for the innocent lives lost,
And God washed away the blood.

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