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The Rest of Knightgun's Story

      Well we went back to the building after we met the other group and they said they had never seen the building before. (Strange huh? How do you miss a building) anyway we went in and started getting vibes down a hall so we went down it. At the end were three rooms two looked like thrashed greenhouses but had no plants and next to them was a kitchen without a mark of dust. Remarkable since the cabinets were all in tacks and white at that when the rest of the place is thrashed. Well everyone got scared except me and one other guy so we didn't make it to the basement of that building.(looks like I got to go back) (He added this story at a later date:)

     Hey there was more info I left out. Like the biggest building isnt the worst one to go into vibe wise. But if you make it to the basement of the big building there is Chicken wire cages maybe used when it was a mental institution. Also in the basement is tunnels and plenty of graffiti pentacles. The tunnels most of the time end in a dead end or route back to where they start. The upstairs of the builing is a real mess no lights, holes in walls, grafitti like no other, but it aint to bad a smell and dont need a rag there. So really that building wasnt too bad unless your claustrophobic in the basement. Also a homeless guy shot someone there about a year ago one of the guys we met said. Afew of my group coundnt stand the tunnels though because the got sick and felt drunk they said, so they waited outside. There is a couple rooms with like a real nicely painted yin yang and some wierd satanic graffiti in other rooms.

      Early before we met with the other group we checked the two story builing out again it wasnt as bad as the one I told about on the board. We went in every room upstairs and in the basement. Basement actually has a water leak but its pretty tame there too. I got a couple pictures at each buildings mentioned and still got to shoot 6 more before I can develope my camera. We looked also at the burned down one but again it wasnt nothing and was pretty fun.

      Ok the one that spooked everyone is between the two story house and the house still in use. I think you know which one it is cause it smells the worst. Like I said a girl got to the sidewalk and the house visably shook for no reason. The girls wouldn't even go in and it was just three guys the first time in we went down the hall and got real bad vibes off that hall I told about and the basement staircase. We got the vibes and decided to wait.

      Later we came back and with the new group two guys from our group and three guys and a girl from their group went in. I lead our group and with the other group I worked with the guy they were following. I led them to the hallway we got vibes in it was a really dark hallway but it was short. So we went down it and got to the two rooms and like I said they were all starting to freak except one of them and me. I felt it but it couldn't effect me. I have a strong persona and use my mind as weapons from techniques I've learn over the years to protect yourself from bad presences. Anyway I got a picture of the two rooms and can't wait to see how they turn out. Well like I said I never got to the basement cause we all filed out and the cops turned into the place and we all ran like hell.