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The Rest of my Story

     My grandma and quite a few others were against the treatment of the people living in the home and were trying to get things changed. I have heard many different stories about why the place shut down here are a few. I heard the state closed it down because of abestos, I have heard that one of the guards went crazy and tried to burn the place down, I have heard that one of the guard didn't agree with the treatment so he tried to burn it down. When I went I noticed 2 buildings next to eachother and they had been torn down. But the strange thing was that the rubbled looked as if it was burnt before it was torn down. When I went I smelt this horrable smell. It was weird I donno what it was.

     But anyways... I went back to Ridge Home today with my fiance and my son. We went to the "newer" buildings and got some NICE pictures.*~* Note: I was going to get the film developed and put the pictures on the site, but some jerk broke into my fiance's truck, they took A LOT of things, and the camera was one of the things stolen. They took the film and all :(*~* I got the first one's developed and I forgot to bring them home but Sunday I will put them on the site (these ones are on the site.) I found this room that still had a be and a weird bed in it (well it was in the hall and I was at the door and got the picture from there since I'm waiting to see if I can get permission to go in) but the weird bed looked like a messed up dentist chair. Next to the door I found something strange... I looked down and asked my fiance what he thought it looked like to him (I knew what it looked like to me but I wasn't sure) he said,"It looks like an old restaint." It really did like those ones you find on truck straps. It was the clasp thing. I would have grabbed it only it was all rusty and I was carrying my son. After we were far from it I thought I should have takin a picture. Too bad I didn't. But we got a picture of this old marry-go-round and of this plack honoring the opening of the place.

      I went in and met the guy who runs the new place. He gave me his card and told me as long as I stay out of the buildings that it would be ok if I went in. I went the 2 story building it's my favorite it is so pretty. I wish I could have gone and I probably would have except I had my son. I took a few pictures but my visit got cut short because the wind kicked up with sand flying every where and it started to rain. I will never be cought in a cemetery or a place like that in the rain. It was so cool though I am so excited I am typing so fast.

      When I got near the 2 story building I felt a tightening in my chest like I could not breathe and there are the 2 burnt down buildings next to it I could smell fire. I asked if there were plans to tear the buildings down and he said there were because so many calls to the fire department and police are becoming a problem. Too many people sneeking in there at night and people trying to burn it down. So they are planning to make it commercial things. If you wanna get down there and you can I suggest you do it soon so you don't miss it. He was also trying to get me to work there (the newer buildings) I think I might... I basically have access to the place now and I'm very happy!

      There were a few buildings (if you look at the old pictures of Ridge the ariel view has a few buildings right in the center that are connected, those are the ones I'm talking about) well I got this really bad felling anger and tension. I really opened myself up to the place and there were so many feelings. The one that Knightgun said shook was kinda unhappy too. There were a few there like mixed emotions. Lost, scared, sad and a lot more anger though. I really don't think the place was very happy. And I think when empathic people feel things it's not necacerially (there was Shorty's first prize spelling bee smarts lol)feelings of spirtis but of the past also. You know? Some of the places weren't that bad the garages were really bad though I didn't stay long since that is where I was when it started to rain.

      Well my fiance and I went to Ridge today. That building that I was talking about that had me afraid well we went up and looked in the bacement window. Did I tell you about the little window thingy that looked like you could fit a person in? Well if not there was a window that had a metal shoot type thing and it looked as if a person could fit in there. I looked down the shoot and it was freakin cold! Well we walked around to the side and I looked in to the bacement, (this bacement seemed so much colder to me that any of the others) that is where the shoot went. I saw the shoot and looked around a bit this is kinda hard to explain and it was too dark to get a picture (I am planning to go back with our video carmera that has night vision) but the shoot went down to this room that was fenced off.

      I mean literaly it was fenced off, there was a bunch of rooms that were like this in the bacements all over the place, there was a room then a small hallway and a room like rooms on both sides of the hallway. Most of the bacements had this. It was pretty creepy. I hate to think what I am but I think that maybe people were put down the shoot and locked in those fenced off rooms. I hate to think it because it seems so unamagionable that people were treated like that, but they were. Also around that building we were walking through the little dead grassed area and found a pile of stuff like a peice of metal and grass and wood and other stuff over it, some of the stuff was burnt, which wasn't really that creepy until my fiance pointed out a little kid's shoe that looked as if it were from the 60's or 70's that was pretty burnt. I didn't even want to know what was under that pile.

      There were a bunch of older beds the same ones where it had bars on every side. We took a picture of me standing in the door way to my building (the 2 story building, I adopted it) and I even stepped inside (these pictures were among the ones stolen.) I saw what Knightgun was talking about, the chicken wire stuff..... strange.

      There was some terrible things that happened in the building that scares me, I feel it was like sad confusion and anger.

      Oh I almost forgot. If you look at the picture that has the aerial view of Ridge Home new and up at the top of the complex there is a big building, it looks 2 or 3 stories and it was torn down, don't ask me why. This building used to scare my mom the most. Well we went to were the ruins are to see if this theory I had was right (that they took the building and not the bacements.) Well sure enough it looks as if it is still there buried under a lot of dirt. Well there is this big pit where you can see part of a wall. My fiance and I were looking at it and started back towards his truck. When I felt this gust of hot air. I stopped, shit I was spooked because I walked right though it and moved back to were I could feel it agian, I felt it for a few sec. (which felt like forever) then it felt like humid or mist but hot. There was no mist I wasn't wet but I sure as hell felt it. When I was around there I felt few things most scared or not really a scared feeling, I can't quite explain it.....