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Welcome to the Poem page. This page features poems by others and myself. If you would like to submit a poem Emai me Here. I hope you enjoy the poems submitted. The others and I have left our email address and you can email us to let us know what you think, if you would like.

Submitted by: Scott


Morning comes with frigid air
Frozen ice with winter wear
Snow across the land's frozen face
Holding close to earth's embrace
As the moon passes away
The sun rises to start a day
Over the hills of rolling immense
All shine a world of stumbleing pretense
A world I once shared with my love every wake
Hide's in depths of the deepest lake
A body so deep which hide's all past
All along the land so vast
Some morning's soon past dark
One could hear beatiful songs of a lark
Chiming threw the air so soft
Now these perfect days are no longer aloft
In our once dreamed perfect sky
Of white filled clouds up so high
Above our once beautiful romance
Dancing with stars at night in trace
Out of sync now is our once perfect art
Now the colors are washed away by rains of being apart

Submitted by: BansheeBathory


I can no longer shine
in a place I can't escape,
even though I'm blind,
I've saved my soul too late;
even if I had a mirror
I couldn't face the reflection,
my heart, it holds the fear of
facing imperfection;
If a shadow of lies
could block out the light,
I'm afraid my skies
would always be night,
but what have I done,
and how have I suffered...
for you.
I'm living alone,
living in my dream,
cause reality's strong,
I'd rather live allusionally;
naked, in a well,
I can't tell
if there's anymore hope
for me to suceed;
I'm falling...
every breath
is breathed for you...
to still be alive...
to still be mine...
I'm falling...
from what it true,
living with you;
hopeless, lying on a cloud
that rains on all I've saved,
cold and wet,
I sleep on a shroud
that gently covers my grave;
I'm desperate,
but what does it take
to keep a memory alive forever;
descending, into a pit of snakes...
how high are the stakes of never;
wind shatters the glass
of my blood stained window,
from in here the world is broken,
just like my past...
I feel the wind blow;
all I can feel
is my mind
transcending endlessly...
searching to find
a place I can sleep.

Submitted by: Kimmie

Sun & Moon

The stars and the sun and moon - have seen history progress...
decade after decade, visions of:
all the grief, pain and duress.
They've witnessed all the "miracles" too,
both the wondrous and the small
Moments that have led to great historic "risings";
as well as ones that history books would describe these moments "of great fall"...
All of these things to behold -and yet,
still standing stern and silent.
What is the powerful magic that our earth has
- to remain so "neutral" and "compliant" ?

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