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Place Altoona- Bakers Mansion

***Submitted by Orphington78- Elias Baker, famous for his furnaces, had a daughter(Ellie Baker) and she wanted to get married. It seems that Mr. Baker didnt like his daughter's choice for a husband, so the wedding never took place. Poor Bakers daughter died of a supposed broken heart. (now mind you its all legend pertaining to some facts) Its said that "her" wedding dress which is locked in an air tight display case, to prevent decaying, moves around. Although it its a wedding dress, its not hers, but yet it does move. In the mansion there are things that move and numerous cold spots. You can hear cry late at night if you're near the mansion and sometimes lights flicker on and off. I have walked through the mansion and felt these cold spots, but I have never seen the dress move, but I swear it does! the last time I went to the mansion the dress was hanging straight ahead. Then when I saw it again it was hanging facing the left and I walked out of the room and came back in it was facing the right. No one was in the room when it moved!

Blairsville Packsaddle Gap

It was here in this valley, that a man shot his girlfriend accidentally. He mistook her for a deer. He has relived that moment since the early 1900's.

Gettysburg Devil's Den

The footsteps of Texan Confederate soldiers' have been heard around he rocks. The image of scraggly soldiers have been seen.

Culp Farm

There have been many reports of disembodied footsteps on the second floor of this building.

Jenny Wade House

The house, where the only civilian killed in the Battle of Gettysburg died, is said to be haunted. Phenomenon reported includes the smell of baking bread, chains that swing on their own and some people report problems with their photography equipment.

Little Round Top

There numerous reports of different types of paranormal activity at this battlefield site. There are accounts of a headless officer on horseback, both rebel and union soldier apparitions and strange sounds.

Soldier's National Museum

Used as an orphanage during the Civil War, visitors often report the sounds of children screaming and crying.

Spangler's Spring

There are many reports of apparitions here, but the best known is the unidentified lady in white.

Triangular Field

Reported hauntings in this area of the battlefield include the apparitions of Confederate sharpshooters and reports of malfunctioning photography equipment.

Weikert House

This stone house, near the center of the battlefield, s reputedly haunted by the spirits of soldiers hiding in the cellar and attic.

Mauch Chunk Mauch Chunk Prison

Although, the wall in cell 8 has been replaced and repainted a hand print is seen on the wall. It is said that it is the hand print of an innocent man.

Merion The General Wayne Inn

The ghosts in this 1704 Inn are said to malfunction electrical equipment and blow on the necks of women guests.

New Hope The Logan Inn

Room 6 is said to be haunted by a young girl who was killed in a fire.

Philadelphia Baleroy Mansion

This mansion, built in 1911, is reported to be one of the most haunted homes in America. Phenomenon includes several apparitions, disembodied voices, ectoplasm that materializes, cold spots, a cursed chair and much more.

Fort Mifflin

This old fort on the outskirts of Philadelphia is said to be extremely haunted. There have been numerous sightings of the ghost of Jacob the blacksmith, a screaming woman whose cries have brought the police to investigate and several other apparitions.

Valley Forge Pennsylvania House

A unknown shadow is seen in this house. The sounds of ballroom dancing can also be heard.

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