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Cannon Beach Bandage Man

A bloody-figured, fowl smelling, man completely covered in bandages, has been seen jumping into vehicles on a road leading out of the town. He has been known to break windows and leave a horrible smell in the car.

Lagrande Hot Lake Hotel

This deserted resort still boards many ghosts. Footsteps on the upper level, piano playing, screams and an occasional party on the 3rd floor can be heard.

Portland The White Eagle Cafe and Saloon

The building has served as many things, but it has always contained a bar. Reports of voices, a woman's cry, cold spots and a door that won't stay opened are a few of the activities that are said to happen here.

Yoncalla Applegate House

Charles Applegate and his family of 15 lived in this house. Voices, footsteps, sounds of skirts, crying babies, fiddle and banjo music have all been reported.

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