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Ft.Sills Geronimo's Grave

Geronimo is buried in a cemetery made by the United States Army in the 1890's. Reports of cold spots and the feeling that someone is watching over you is common.

Medicine Man's Walk

A sharp bluff that looks over all of Ft. Sill and the surrounding plains. The legend is you can see a medicine man walking the bluffs. Below the bluffs is a small stream where young Indians became warriors, fierce fighting between Indian tribes took place in the stream below the bluffs. This is a fairly active sight at night in the summer time, during the day not too much is noticed at this site.

Wichita Mountains and Plains

Indians used to roam free on this land hunting buffalo, but blood was spilled on this land when the Army first moved out to this area in the late 1850's. If you walk the plains around the lakes, you can hear the sounds of fighting and you can hear horses galloping.


A 3 story house which was torn down in 1997, was said to be the home of many ghosts. Screams, shadows and a "Ben's" apparition were all reportedly seen here.

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