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**The Ridges

This is in Athens. According to the British Society of Psychial Research, the 13th most haunted place on Earth is Athens, Ohio. 1873 Athens opened a mental hospital at first named Qhtens Lunatic Asylum. "Dr.Lobotomy" was about to complete a Lobotomy in just a few seconds. 1979 the Asylum was closed, all th patients were transferred, all but one. A woman came up missing and they searched the place 3 times with no sign of her. Now a woman can be seen moving about the asylum throught the windows. She had taken off all of her closed, folded them neatly, put them in a window, and layed down on the floor where she died. Her body left a bizarre imprint that remains to this day. 1981 a female student form OU touched the imprint. She had claims of the woman following her back to her dorm. One night the girl a woke with a woman's face level with thers. Four to five days later she wasn't heard from again. People went up the Wilson Hall's forth floor where she stayed. They found the girl had killed herself. One the door there is a demonic face that can be seen in the wood work. To hear the rest of the story go to the Wilson Hall section in this list.

Wickerham Inn

The headless ghost of a man haunts this Inn. In the early 1800's a man was robbed and murdered. His body was never found. During renovations, in 1922 a headless skeleton was found in the cellar.

Bryan Hall OU

Reputedly the most haunted building on the campus. Many report footsteps, voices, cold spots and sealed doors that open on their own.

**Wilson Hall

OU Reportedly, built on the site of an Indian burial ground. Most of the activity seems to be centered on the fourth floor. There have been numerous reports of doors slamming shut on their own, apparitions, disembodied voices and objects moving on their own. 1981 after a visit to The Ridges, an old mental home, a female girl had killed herself on the fourth floor. Ths story of the demonic face in the door is as follows. There was a nother female there who practiced black magic soon after she moved in people began seeing strange things at night she could be heard chanting, like a growing chant. One night of terror of the growling chants, doors opening and slamming shut, books flying off the shelves, the days to come after that night of terror she wasn't heard from. The RA, Resident Assistant, became worried and got a key and opened the door. She was found, she had killed herself. Before doing so she had written symbools on the wall in her own blood. The university cleaned the room and the next year people lived there agian. A few days after them being there all the same things that happend on the night of terror began a gian. The wall began to bleed. After many tries of the unversity cleaning the blood they couldn't get it to stop so they tore down the wall compleatly. No one wanted to live in this room so now it is a boiler room.

Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Auditorium

Reportedly the Auditorium is said to be haunted by the ghost of an actor who killed himself. There has been a sighting of his apparition and he has also been known to make is presence known by banging on the doors and walls.

Drury Mansion

This 52 room mansion is now a half-way house. There seems to be a woman in a long brown dress confined to the main stairway.

Franklin Castle

Built by Hannes Tiedemann in 1860 and was owned by the Tiedemann's family until the late 1890's. Several of the Hannes' children and his wife died in the home. Reported phenomenon mirrors that fog, mysterious sounds that come from the walls and cold spots to name a few.

Our House Museum

Built by Henry Cushing in 1819. The old tavern was donated to the state and turned into a museum in the mid 1900's. There are reports of footsteps in the foyer and there is apparently a female ghost who likes to sing in the second floor ballroom.

The Buxton Inn

This is one of the oldest continuously operating Inns in Ohio. The Inn is said to be haunted by a few different owners and a woman named Ethel Bounell. Ms. Bounell is said to haunt rooms #7 and #9. There has also been reports of footsteps, old spots, and even a few apparitions in the basement.

Old Mansfield Reformatory

This prison, made famous when it was used as the filming location of the movie 'The Shawshank Redemption' has a preservation society that hosts a few ghost tours each year.

The McConnelsville Opera House

Once used as a stop on the Underground Railroad, the 1960's renovations seemed to stir up the ghosts. Reports includes an apparition, a man who sits in the theater seats and a female ghost who is fond of singing and playing the piano.

Cedar Point Amusement Park

A woman is seen riding the horse on the Frontier Carousel and she has reportedly played a prank or two on the park workers. It is believed that she is the wife of the man who carved the horses.

Eden Hall

This Hall was the center of social activity for over 100 years. On the 3rd floor, you can still hear partying ghosts laughing, talking, dancing and running up and down the stairs. driving on this road.

Falls Twp.

Every night you can hear a scream of a man killed nearly 100 years ago in a drilling accident.

Trilby House

An elderly woman materializes and opens the silverware drawers frequently. It appears that her and her sister were beaten to death during a robbery.

Williams County Cemetery

is haunted by a landlocked sailor who whistles "blow the sailor down".

New Carlisle

is haunted by an Indian girl who was accidently killed by one of her suitors fighting for her hand in marriage. Smithsonian excavators dug up a skeleton with a crushed skull in the area that was reported being haunted.

Cherry hill/Ghost hill

Headless horseman has been seen riding in the vicinity of this hill. Historical news print talks of a man being robbed and beheaded along the roadway during the late 1700's.

Lake Vesuvius Blast Furnace

The furnace owners were showing a local priest around the site when a shadowy figure suddenly appeared blocking their path. The priest asked "what in Gods name do you want?" The answer was not understood by anyone except the priest. He committed suicide the next day.

Yellow Springs

Charlie Batdorf, a Civil War soldier has been seen walking down the street to his house he built in 1858.

Town of Skunk

A gigantic Indian warrior and his white stallion have been seen riding along the banks of the Ohio River. News reports from mid 1800's state that he was robbed and killed while he was transferring payroll money from town to local ranch.

Summit County Juvenile Detention Home

a ghost of a matron that worked and was killed here is seen.

Cornell Place Apartments

footsteps and voices are observed here.

Kelton House

the ghost of Grace Bird Kelton is seen in this house.

Old Governor's Mansion

the ghost of a black woman dressed in old fashion type clothes has been seen here.

Hinckley Library

a young woman in a old fashion dress has been seen on the stairs.

Little Beaver Creek

the bridge over Little Beaver Creek, in Lisbon is haunted. There is said to be strange sounds and ghosts seen. Not too far from there, On Church Hill Road there is another bridge, which is said to be haunted.

Punderson Manor House

Children heard running in hallways, spirits of children seen, one room got so violent that mgnt had to close off room with a fake wall covering the door, man seen hanging by a rope in the lounge area, and much more.

Greenlawn Cemetery

is a site of multiple hauntings. The main mausoleum is haunted, as are a lot of the graves in the main cemetery.

Columbus State Community College

The ghosts that haunt it are there because the school was built directly on top of a Catholic cemetery.

Music Hall

Many workers who clean the building at night have seen and heard many strange things. One mantinace man was going in the maintenance elevator in the back of the building when he heard people whispering very angrily at him. As a historical note I should tell you that Music Hall was built over a pauper's cemetery and in the 80's when they were renovating they found many graves. Anyway one worker was in the building at night by himself and he heard laughter coming from one of the ballrooms, when he investigated he saw several men and women dressed in 1800's clothing. This next event took place during the day and several women witnessed it. Several women were preparing for an event that was to be held there when they all heard a beautiful female voice. They searched the whole building but they found nothing. None of them felt threaten because the voice was so beautiful.

The Akron Civic Theatre

Well-known story still told by some of the theatre's tour guides is the story of Fred the janitor. Fred was a life-long employee of the Civic, back in the days when it was called the "Loews Theatre". He died on the premises, but his ghost still tends to duties, namely keeping vandals at bay in the bathrooms. The Civic has been the site of many high school proms, and several sightings have been reported of a figure that "attacks" would-be vandals. Another ghost reported many times is that of a young woman that weeps by the canal that still runs under the theatre and through parts of the city underground. This same canal was the lifeline of the city in the early 1800's, so many think she is a "shade" that remains from the early canal days.

King's Island theme park

A little girl's spirit is said to haunt King's Island along with several other ghosts. The girl has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a pretty blue dress. She has been seen playing around in Water Works and scares tram drivers by playing hide-and-seek with them after the park is closed. She is thought to be buried in the cemetery that is located between the parking lot and the campgrounds which is on King's Island property. Another ghost haunted the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower. This ghost is thought to be the spirit of a young man who in a drunken stupor tried to climb the tower and fell to his death. It seems though that he has left. There is the ghost known as "the Beast" which haunts the rollercoaster with the same name. Several guests have seen this ghost. There is a ghost that supposedly died on the ride "the Octopus". There are many other spirits that roam this Paramount theme park.

Cincinnati Museum of Art

Security guards have reported seeing a 7-foot-tall spector which has no features and merely looks like a huge black "blur" that rises up from a mummy carcophagus exhibit straight through the ceiling. Another time when the security guards would sneak and take their "catnaps" in the storage room, there was a glowing face hovering inches away from them as the woke. They would proceed to try to evade the spirit but it would block their was as they would maneuver around the room. It would then just simply disappear.

The Westwood Town Hall

is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former security guard who was employed there when Westwood was an independent town before merging with others. He was relieved of his position and hanged himself in a room close to the apartment that he lived in on the property. He is known as "Willy". Several people have reported stage sets, costumes and orderly things found is disarray that were used in performances.

Smyrna Cemetery

it is haunted by an old shawnee sorceress, she was killed by her tribe for betraying her, though her death is a little unknown it was either tomahawk to her head or they burnt her at the stake.

Lucas County Public Library

Female ghost has been heard walking on third floor in a non public area, especially after hours. Footsteps sounding like high heels on linoleum have been heard.

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