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New Mexico

Albuquerque Albuquerque Press Club

Bartenders at this historic 1903 building, leave a shot for the ghost of Mrs. M. There have been numerous reports of Mrs. M sightings by both employees and guests of the Press Club.

Kimo Theater

This theater is reportedly haunted by a young boy who was killed when the boiler exploded in 1951. There have been reports of disembodied laughter and footsteps and the little boy's apparition running on the stairs.

Luna Mansion

Built in 1881, this mansion was turned into a restaurant. There are many reported sightings of the ghost of Josefita Otero. She seems to prefer the second floor bedrooms and the stairway. Other reported phenomenon includes chairs that move on their own and pots and pans that rattle and move in an empty kitchen

Maria Teresa Restaurant

This beautiful old hacienda, turned restaurant, is reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Albuquerque. Some of the phenomenon includes a piano that plays by itself, mirrors that show reflections of ghosts, silverware that moves on it's own and many reports of apparitions.

Rancho de Corrales

This gracious old hacienda was built in 1802 and now houses a restaurant. Reported activity includes items moving on their own, disembodied voices and the apparition of a woman in 1800s era clothing.

Wool Warehouse Theater Restaurant

During performances a man in a double breasted suit appears by the stage.

Alcalde Los Luceros

There are numerous reports of haunting activities associated with this 400 year old building. There are numerous reports of ghosts haunting the house, the most prevalent being that of a woman who was murdered by her husband. The hanging trees out front are said to be haunted as well.

Cimarron St. James Hotel

More than 26 people have been killed here. Room 18 is locked tight, the ghost in this room doesn't like to be disturbed. When he is disturbed a swirl of energy can be seen to make people leave. Room 17 has a distinct fragrance to it. "Little Imps" enjoy playing tricks on new employees.

Cloudcroft The Lodge

This 3 story mountain Inn is reportedly haunted by 'Rebecca'. Reports include footsteps, objects moving on their own, door opening and closing and her 'favorite' activity is connected to the phone in one of the guest rooms.

Mesilla Double Eagle Restaurant

The ghosts of ill-fated lovers Inez and Armando, killed in the mid-1800's, have been sighted and photographed in this restaurant. The ghosts are also reported to move glasses, wine bottles and even tip over a chair or two.

Santa Fe Alto Street

A headless caballero roams this road.

Grant Corner Inn

This Bed & Breakfast is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy who died in the house. There have been reports of unexplained noises coming from his room and an unexplained light in the window of his room. Rooms 4 and 8, in particular, are said to be haunted.

La Posada Hotel

Probably one of the best known hauntings in New Mexico, this hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of one of it's former owners, Julia Staab. There have been numerous reports of sightings in the hotel, especially in room 256.

Shiprock Highway 666

There are numerous reports of a ghost car that runs motorists off the road and a young girl in a nightgown who disappears when you approach her.

Trail Creek Reed Canyon

Early in the evening it is said that you can hear a noisy wagon train that lasts for a long period of time.

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