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New Jersey

Bernardsville Bernardsville Public Library

The ghost of Phyllis Parker, a former Inn keepers daughter, began appearing in 1974 after renovations. She went crazy with grief when her lover was killed and had a nervous breakdown. It is said that you can still hear her weeping in the library.

Bloomfield Bloomfield Police Barracks

It is believed that the ghost of a gambler who was robbed and murdered by a riverboat captain haunts the location.

Burlington Burlington County Prison

On the 3rd floor of this prison is the ghost of a man who murdered his mistress with a table leg. The man was chained to the floor in cell 5 then hanged in the 1850's. Heavy chains, moaning and cigarettes floating have all been reported.

Hall-Doane Academy

This co-ed Catholic school haunted by the founder of the school. Current students, teacher's and staff have reported being aware of the founder's presence.

Cape May Winterwood Christmas Gift Shoppe II

Located in the former Keltie's book store. The current employees have named their resident ghost "Charlie". Most activity takes place around 10 -11pm usually to the female staff members. The ghost likes to hide items that the staff is looking for. Footsteps have also been heard on the steps to the stock room and on the sales floor when everyone is there.

Washington Inn

Voices of a woman can be heard. Employees have even heard her calling out their names.

Winward House Inn

The 3rd floor is supposedly haunted by an Irish maid. Guests have found her sitting on their beds.

Dennisville Henry Ludlam Inn

Currently used as a bed and breakfast, Henry Ludlum built this house in the 1700's. Building is believed to be haunted by members of his family. The report of unexplained events include the sound of shattering glass, knocking, doors opening/closing by themselves, and the appearance of a female in early 1900's period clothes.

Elizabeth Union County Court House

Hannah Caldwell, was killed by a stray musket during the Revolutionary War. Her pathetic and confused spirit roams through the courthouse.

Newark Central Station

On the 10th day of every month at the stroke of midnight a ghost train is heard, but never seen.

Ringwood Ringwood Manor

Built in 1762, is now opened to the public. Supposed activity includes footsteps, doors opening and closing and the feeling of someone else in the room.

Phillipsburg Hunt Homestead

The construction began around 1772, by Edward Hunt, and main structure completed in 1825 by grandson. After renovations in 1976 the ghost of Mary Insley Hunt has been seen wearing a cloak with a hood and passes by the kitchen window to the back door and vanishes.

Port Monmouth Spy House

Built in the late 1600's by Daniel Seabrook and the house remain in his family for 250 years. Currently operated as a museum. There have been many apparitions sighted here, including appearance of a woman in white who has been seen coming down the stairs.

Rio Grande Winterwood Gift Shoppe

This house was built in 1722 by Joshua Hildreth and moved to its current location sometime in the 1800's. The final Hildreth descendants to live in the house were spinster sisters died in 1948 and 1954. It is believed that it is the sisters that haunt the house to this day. Among the activity in the house the most common are: whispering, footsteps, and the apparition of a figure gliding across the lawn to a property's cemetery, and objects being moved or opened.

Woodstown Seven Stars Tavern

Built around 1762, the tavern is now a private residence. Reports began in the 1930's by people staying here of seeing a man with a rope around his neck. It is believed that it is the ghost a a Tory spy who was hanged here just prior to the Revolutionary War. There have also been reports of footsteps and voices.

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