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New Hampshire

Alton Alton Town Hall

There have been reports of paranormal activity in this building. Reported phenomenon includes unexplained noises, disembodied footsteps and objects moving by themselves

Concord Chuck's Steak House

Voices have been heard in the kitchen and dining room. Sometimes it sounds like a convention with all the ghosts!

Henniker Ocean-Born Mary House

Mary was named after Captain Don Pedro's mother. The ship and passengers were spared, when a newborn was named Mary. Mary grew up and married young. She had 4 children then her husband died. After Captain Don Pedro retired he searched for Mary and married her. After many years of being happily married, Mary found the captain murdered in the garden. Mary died at the age of 94, since she out lived her family the house fell apart. A 6 foot woman has been seen in the upstairs window and in the hall. Mary has also been seen throwing something down the well.

Hopkinton Horseshoe Restaurant and Tavern

There have been reports of ghostly happenings in this restaurant and some believed to be the ghost of Frank Mills, who committed suicide in the building. Reported phenomenon includes things moving around, loud footsteps, voices and even an apparition.

Isle of Shoals

There are numerous reports of hauntings on this grouping of 9 islands located off the coast of Portsmouth, NH. There have been reported sightings of at least 3 female ghosts on these islands. One is a lady in white, one is said to be the Wife of Blackbeard and the third is said to be a woman and her child. Some other know haunting on the Isle of Shoals include:

Boon Island

There are many reports, by reputable sources, of a sad lady in white roaming this particular island. (Some say the island is actually part of Maine rather than New Hampshire)

Boon Island Lighthouse

There are also reports from lighthouse keepers and Coast Guardsmen of this lighthouse being haunted an unidentified ghost. There have been numerous reports of disembodied footsteps, doors opening and closing on there own and one time, the light turned on by itself.

The Isidore

There have been numerous sightings of this phantom ship which wrecked in 1842 around the islands and Portsmouth.

Star Island

This island is home to Betty Moody's Cave. She hid in the cave to avoid an Indian attack and smothered her child to keep them from finding their hiding place. It is said that you can hear her muffled cries just before a big storm hits.

Nashua Country Tavern

Built in 1741, this restaurant is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who, along with her baby, was murdered by her sea captain husband. There have been numerous reports of her apparition as well as reports of small objects moving on their own and ladies having their hair lifted.

Colby-Sawyer College Colgate Hall

There have been numerous reports of the apparition of a gentleman in a hat and turn of the century clothes.

Academy Building

Visitors to this building have reported unusual events including, doors that open and close on their own and water that turns itself off and on.


This building is supposedly haunted by a ghost who likes to rearrange books and is said to be fond of looking at the local history books.

Portsmouth Sheafe Street Inn

This 19th century building is reportedly haunted. Reported incidents include objects that move on their own, doors that open and close on their own and disembodied footsteps.

Sise Inn

This inn, built in the late 19th century, is said to have a haunted room. Supposedly, room 214 is haunted by a ghost who has an affinity for keys and ice cubes.

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