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Austin International Hotel

Reported activity includes disembodied voices, kitchen items moving on their own and a ghost named Tommy.

Carson City Brewery Arts Center

A pleasant ghostly caretaker makes suggestions and reminds workers to turn off lights and lock up.

Goldfield Goldfield Hotel

This hotel is haunted by several ghosts including one who likes to smoke cigars and leave his ashes around, 2 children, a midget and a pregnant woman. There was even a photo taken of the pregnant ghost by a newspaper reporter.

Las Vegas Las Vegas Hilton

A true Elvis Sighting! Ok so it's just his ghost... Elvis has been seen in his old room as well as backstage by the elevators.

Nellis AFB

A ghostly gray figure has been seen and footsteps can be heard at night in a maintenance building.

Reno Bowers Mansion

Reports of two ghosts are associated with this mansion. One ghost is reported to be that of a little girl who drowned on the property and the other is said to be Ellie Bowers, an original owner of the house.

Rhyolite Ghost Town

This town last from 1905 to 1912. Tom Kelly built a house out of 51,000 empty glass bottles, due to the lack of resources in this area. His ghost is supposedly still living in his house.

Tonopah Mizpah Hotel

This recently reopened hotel is said to be very haunted. The most famous of the three ghosts is the apparition of "The Red Lady"; she has been reported by many reliable witnesses.

Virginia City Fourth Ward School

This old school is reportedly haunted by the a female ghost named Suzette. There have been frequent sightings of her disappearing on the school's steps.

Longbranch Building

Muffled sounds of a child crying can be heard here. It's believed the child is a little girl that was killed by a stagecoach in the late 1870's.

Piper's Opera House

This old opera house is being renovated and there are reports of unexplained noises and cigar smoke.

Silver Queen Hotel

This mid-1800s hotel is said to be haunted by several ghosts. Reported phenomenon includes sounds of crying, disembodied voices and a ghost who likes to play tricks on the guests.

Six Mile Canyon

Jack Davis, an outlaw, is seen watching over the location where his gold supposedly sits.

Virginia City Graveyard

There have been numerous reported sightings of a young woman's apparition in 1800s clothing with a child playing near her. Some say it is the ghost of prostitute Julia Bulette.

Washoe Club

This saloon is reputed to be haunted by several ghosts. There have been sightings of a female apparition on or by the staircase, chandeliers that move and an angry ghost who breaks glasses.

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