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Hat Creek Hat Creek Battlefield

There have been numerous reports of phantom Cheyenne Indians creeping through the grass, whispering and appearing as a green mist.

Lincoln Hobbitsville House

In the back of this private house, a little girl drowned in the pool. A cement fence was put up to prevent others from this tragedy. Many believe that this wall is preventing the girl to leave this area.

Lake Street Park

There have been numerous reports of the ghost of an elderly man and a ghostly blue mist in this local park.

Robber's Cave

Once used by the Pawnee Indian's to contact Tirawa. Distant chants and unintelligible voices can be heard in secluded chambers. It was also a hideout for runaway slaves and Jesse James.

State Capitol Building

This state building is said to be haunted by several ghosts including a man who fell putting up lights, an unidentified Native American and am amn who fell while leaning over the railing.

Omaha O'Hanlon House

The skeleton of what was believe to be a robber is buried in this basement. The skeleton was found when repairs were being done. There have been reports of stomping footsteps, shaking walls and pounding at the front door.

University of Nebraska Temple Building Theater

It is said that everytime MacBeth is staged in this theater, the ghost of a young man who died while performing this play, is seen in the wings.

Pound Hall

The building is supposed to be haunted by a ghost named Lucy. She is reportedly responsible for open and closing books, strange odors and an apparition.

Raymond Hall

There are numerous reports of a cold and unfriendly presence in this building Back to LocationsBack
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