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New York

Albany The Capitol building

Supposedly, the ghost of a custodian who was killed in a fire haunts the area.

Cherry Hill

An unidentified ghost has been seen on the lower floors and terrace of this building.

Buffalo Holiday Inn

The ghost of a little girl has been seen running through the halls.

Greenburgh Bradywine Battleground

The ghost of a headless Revolutionary War soldier has been seen on a horse along the Hudson River looking for his head.

Hudson Dietz House

Mabelle Parker is supposed to haunt her former home. She is heard on the 2nd floor.

Loundonville Loudon Cottage

The ghost of Abraham Lincoln has been seen in this house. The house was once owned by the woman who was sitting next to Lincoln when he was shot.

New York City Bay Ridge Apartments

This apartment building is said to be haunted by numerous spirits.

Central Park

Wollman Ice Rink is haunted by 2 sisters who are seen doing a never-ending figure 8.

Clinton Street Brownstone

The ghost of a young girl who died here, is said to haunted the area.

Hotel Des Artistes

The ghost of this hotel is said to touch people.

Old Merchant's House

This local museum is said to be haunted by a 19th century woman. Supposedly, the canopy bed and one of the fireplaces cannot be photographed properly.

Niagara Devil's Hole

In this 20 ft deep cave a dark and 'evil' presence has been felt. This cave was the scene of a massacre, horrible disaster and many freak accidents.

Rochester Durand Eastman Park/Beach

A lady seen in white has been seen searching for her daughter who met a gruesome death by unknown assailants.

Schenectady Union College

There is a wonderful garden behind the college. On the first full moon in summer, you can supposedly see the ghost of a woman who was burned at the stake centuries ago.

Staten Island Old Bermuda Inn

The image of a young woman has been seen walking through dining areas, and has appeared on the stairs.

Canard Mansion

The image of a man who committed suicide in the late 1800's is seen in the upstairs window.

Vanderbilt Tomb

Reports of anomalies in photos taken around this tomb are very common. Typically, either more people appear in the picture or no one appears!

Troy Forest Park Cemetery

Forest Park cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country. Many ghosts have been sighted there. It is believed that that the cemetery is on top of an Indian burial ground.

Whitehall Skene Manor

Colonel Skene, lived with only his housekeeper until he married later in life. The housekeeper killed the wife and buried in a lead-lined coffin in the house. When the Colonel returned from a trip, the housekeeper told him that his wife left him because she was too lonely. Now a restaurant, the coffin is placed around a fountain. There have been reports of a hand with a huge ring that turns into a ball of light. Rarely a full image of a woman in a white dress is seen.

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