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Bannack The Meade Hotel

Reports of ghost "ladies" in all their finery has been reported. It is also said that the ghost of a young girl who drowned, haunts one of the upper bedrooms and has been seen standing at the window.

Butte Dumas Brothel

This brothel is home to a ghost Madam named Elinore. Since she committed suicide in 1955, there have been many reports of her ghost being seen with it's suitcase in her hand.

Crow Indian Reservation Little Bighorn Battlefield

There have been numerous sightings of dead soldiers, Native American warriors and even Custer himself, reported at this battlefield.

Fort Peck Fort Peck Summer Theatre

There are many reports of the ghost of a construction worker who fell to his death while this theatre was being built, still haunting the building. He has been seen as a misty blue light in the aisles and there are also reported sightings of his apparition in his work clothes.

Garnet The Kelly Saloon

There have been reports of ghostly piano music and sounds of people enjoying themselves emanating from this deserted building.

Great Falls Black Horse Lake

While driving many have run over a tall Indian man with long black hair. He disappears after he has been hit. There has never been damage to the cars.

Helena The Brantly Mansion

It is believed that this mansion is haunted by none other than Judge Theodore Brantly himself. Manifestations include the front door opening and closing by itself, heavy footsteps going up to the third floor and a ghost with a sweet tooth who is partial to M&Ms.

Missoula Missoula Children' Theater

George, reportedly haunts this theater. He is said to have thrown storyboards that he doesn't like and whisper correct page numbers to assist who lose their place. There have also been reports of loud banging when it is empty.

Jeannette Rankin Hall

Some of the reported phenomenon in this building are doors slamming open and closed on their own, lights that turn on and off themselves and most strange of all; a classroom full of ghostly students who are still attending classes.

Main Hall

Many people, including the night janitors, have reported screams, unexplainable noises, chairs mysteriously stacked and lights that turn themselves on and off.

University Theater

A ghostly dog, a young girl who was murdered and an unknown ghost who enjoys sitting in the theater seats are some of the reported phenomenon associated with this building.

Pray Chico Hot Springs Lodge and Ranch

This hotel is haunted by a Lady in White who has been seen by staff and guests. In 1986, two security guards actually got a photograph of her. There are also reports of a rocking chair that repositions itself in one of the rooms.

Virginia City Bonanza Inn

This Inn seems to have a little bit of everything! Once it was a courthouse, then a catholic hospital. A nun remains in her former room. One room is sealed off due to a 'poltergeist'. Footsteps, cold spots, and an uneasy feeling have also been reported.

Costume Shop

A blond haired girl has been seen sitting on the front steps. She lost control of her car while returning home from school and died. Reports of squealing tires and various sounds of a car crashing have been heard while driving on this road.

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