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Biloxi Pascagoula River

At a certain part of this river near Biloxi, you can hear what is called 'a melodious siren'. When the Christian's tried to convert those in this town, the siren told everyone to join her in the river. This river is also known as "Singing River", because of the buzzing that comes from the bottom of the river.

Columbus Temple Heights

This home displays all of the attributes one looks for in a good haunting; disembodied voices, unexplainable sounds, a rocking chair that rocks on it's own, cold spots and a wispy white apparition.

Waverly Mansion

This antebellum mansion is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two little girls who died during the Civil War. Reported phenomenon includes a little girl who calls for her mother, impressions of a little girl's body size on freshly made beds and pennies that mysteriously appear.

Gautier Twelve Oaks

After the 1966 hurricane, four ghosts appeared here. A man has been seen climbing the stairs, an elderly woman in the den window, a young girl and a teen girl haunt the bedrooms.

Madison Annadale

A woman servant vowed never to leave her 'family'. She has been seen welcoming strangers, walking the halls and pulling the covers off the bed at night.

Chapel of the Cross

This church is reputedly haunted. Reported phenomenon includes the apparition of a young woman grieving over her husbands grave, an organ that plays by itself and blood that periodically manifests on the floor.

Natchez Linden

Private residence where a family ghost resides. A man with a top hat has been seen in the children's bedrooms. There have been numerous accounts of other eyewitness testimony.


Former Mayor's residence. The nearby woods are supposedly haunted by Jennie Merrill. She's been seen running through the woods and you can hear her screaming hysterically.

King's Tavern

This building, Natchez's oldest, is said to be haunted. Reported phenomenon includes doors that swing by themselves, unexplained noises and hot water that turns itself on.


This beautiful home, built by Dr. Nutt, is said to be haunted. There are reports of sightings of the ghosts of Dr. and Mrs. Nutt and unexplained odors and noises.

Oxford Rowan Oak

This home, was purchased by author William Faulkner and was where he lived until his death in 1962. It is reportedly haunted. There are reports of disembodied voices, footsteps and a piano that plays by itself.

Pontotoc Old House

Just outside of town, is said to be a ghost of a slave who cared for the house while his master was fighting in the Civil War. Lights can be seen turning on and off, glowing lanterns around the grounds.

Vicksburg Anchuca

This historic home, turned B&B, is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young woman in 1800-era clothing.

Cedar Grove

This home is said to be haunted by an entire ghost family. The Klein family's 10 children are said to be heard playing throughout the house and there are also reports of Mr. Klein smoking his pipe and Mrs. Klein going up the staircase.

McRaven House

Many witnesses have reported sighting several apparitions in this home. Reported ghosts include a murdered Union soldier, a young woman who haunts an upstairs bedroom and many unidentified Civil War soldiers.

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