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Lakefield Loon Lake Cemetery

This abandoned cemetery is the location where 3 'witches' are said to haunt. Mary Jane, who was beheaded, is believed to be the most active.

Lake Superior Bannockburn

A ghost ship can still be seen drifting in the cold fog. The ship disappeared in 1902, and no evidence of the ship has ever been found.

Minneapolis City Hall

On the 5th floor, in the Chapel Courtroom, a man was hanged in March of 1898. There have been reports of cold winds and shadows.

Concordia College

An unknown ghost haunts the 5th floor of the Hoyum dorms. Girls have reported hearing their names being called out while sleeping. It has also been blamed for flooding the bathroom with hot water.

Concordia College

Student lost control of her car while returning home from school and died. Reports of squealing tires and various sounds of a car crashing have been heard while driving on this road

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